Wednesday’s Pictures

We took Wednesday as an easy day. After a later breakfast, we packed up, and drove awhile on a dirt road, which had its good parts and not-so-good parts. We had been told about a trail that would take us to St. Elmo (the old mining town/chipmunk feeding area), but we weren’t finding it, so Dad decided to park, and then we walked on the road for awhile. We came to a trailhead and took it. Not far into the trail, it was decided that we would need to split-up so the little girls could eat lunch and return to the cabin for their afternoon naps. So, we divided, and when a storm began building, the second group on the mountain turned around. The rest of the afternoon was spent kayaking and canoeing on the ponds. Each day ended with a delightful dinner (planned by Mom), and family Bible time.


Aunt Anna and Abby made us biscuits.

Mountain stream

We hiked along the dirt road before turning onto a trail.
Joseph, camera in hand.
John and Bethany were buddies--John packed her a lot of miles.
Jesse packed Abby several times for Nathan.
Some turned around, and some kept going.
Turn-around group.
Aunt Mary and Abby
Abby helping Aunt Anna Wednesday evening.
Abby playing with her daddy.

“Praise ye the Lord. Praise ye the Lord from the heavens: praise him in the heights.”
–Psalms 148:1

2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Pictures”

  1. More beautiful pictures. I love looking at your photos and the beauitful surroundings. God’s country he created for us to enjoy.

    Mr. Phil and I have been taking photography workshops at a local camera shop, and I can only pray that I can take beautiful pictures like this one day. Perhaps Christopher and Joseph will teach photo workshops some day.

    Abby is looking so big; turning to such a big girl.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

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