New ITonRamp Course

We are excited to inform you that ITonRamp is now offering an HTML course. Let me translate what HTML means — websites! If you want to know how to create websites, this course is for you.

“Ahh, but can’t I just use one of those point and click software apps, or doesn’t even Microsoft Word have a ‘Save as a webpage’ feature?” Yes, technically those software applications create HTML. Now, do they create good, clean HTML — no, certainly not! If something isn’t rendering correctly, do you know how to manually edit the HTML to fix it? What if the pages look good on all except one browser? Knowing HTML and CSS is critical for doing any real website work.

Led by Joseph Maxwell, this course will cover HTML, CSS, code troubleshooting, and some aspects of design and usability. ITonRamp will provide an area where each participant can build a test website and complete assignments.

It’s a 10 week course.

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