At the Cabin

I can hear the sound of water rushing from a nearby mountain stream, and the family is scattered around the cabin. We will be having family Bible time very soon. It’s beautiful and peaceful here.

The morning started off with personal Bible time, and after breakfast, we gathered for a church service. Dad shared from Psalms 106, and I personally felt convicted in the area of needing to not murmur and be grateful. If something doesn’t go the way I would like it to, do I thank the Lord for that opportunity or do I complain? I might be thinking I’m doing great not to complain out loud, but doing it in my heart is the same thing!

We were on our way up into the mountains a little after 2 p.m. It was a two hour drive, and as we drove the familiar road, excitement was building. We have many good memories of years gone by of family trips here. This time, since our family has expanded, we’re staying in a large cabin with enough beds for everyone! After everything was unloaded, we headed to the ponds to kayak. At one time or another, all had an opportunity to be on the water, except for Bethany :-).

Since we are at a high elevation, we are making sure to drink a lot of water to avoid the dreaded altitude sickness. It is a joy to be together: all fourteen of us. We have much to be thankful for.


Jesse carrying a "load" in to the cabin.


Jesse again!




Joseph's really moving water!

The birthday girl and John

Dad and Mom. Dad is looking for mountain sheep on the craggy mountainside.

Grandma held Bethany so Melanie could canoe with Nathan and Abby.

The scenery is just gorgeous.

Dad and Mom kayaking

Grandma and Bethany

“Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised in the city of our God, in the mountain of his holiness.” (Psalms 48:1)

15 thoughts on “At the Cabin”

  1. How fun!! What a great place for a family to go. We have 9 children and would need a big cabin like that. We have never been to CO. Could you give us the info about the cabin?

    Have a great time together!


  2. How exciting to have all of you there together! It certainly looks beautiful!
    The cabin looks really nice! This is definitely a wonderful memory maker!
    Praying! Have WONDERFULLY BLESSED time! God bless! Rebecca K.

  3. That looks and sounds like a beautiful, fun place! I love it when we
    are able to vist the mountains! God’s creation is so lovely. 🙂

  4. Oh how wonderful- what a beautiful place to relax!
    Your right Sarah about complaining in our hearts, it is just the same
    as if we said it. I have been the same this week and knew it. Reading your post made me realise i need to go and read Psalms 106 and count my blessing and name them one by one.
    Thank you for sharing your family trip with all the great pictures- keep them coming.

  5. The scenery is indeed beautiful – wow! It sure looks like you are all enjoying your time together, how refreshing to be able to do this. We hope you continue to have a joyful time away from home!

  6. You know, what continually stands out to me in the pictures you post of your parents (this occurred to me when you posted to celebrate their anniversary, but it struck me again today) is how obviously they care for each other. It’s a lovely thing to see two people who have committed their lives to each other and so obviously care for one and other. It’s refreshing :).

  7. SWEET SERENITY! It looks like so much fun…Sure wish I wish I was part of the family so I could be there with you all 🙂

    Happy Birthday wished to Mary. You are growing into an amazing Christian women.

  8. What were the elderly doing at the elderly home for their church this week?

    I think it’s great and a blessing how you minster the elderly at the elderly home.

    The C. family who normally worships with us took over the service for us. We are very grateful for them.

  9. Hi. I was wondering if you could provide a few details as to the camera, lenses, etc. used in the shots on this and your other posts? Thanks.
    They are multiple cameras, but one is a D300, Tokina 11 to 17 mm, F2.8, others.

  10. The scenery is beautiful! I’m amazed as to how pretty you can make homemade dresses/skirt-top combos! Anna’s skirt is gorgeous.
    Many of the girl’s skirts are not homemade. I don’t believe any of the tops are. They are pretty good at shopping for bargains. I think most are comparable or less cost than what it costs to make them.

  11. These pictures are definitely convincing me to go to Buena Vista! Amazingly beautiful…When our children are older than 2 and 6 we will make the road trip from New York state – absolutely! Thank you for sharing your amazing vacation with us. Enjoy every moment of this special family time.

  12. Thank you Lord for the beautiful moutains & the Maxwells for sharing it w/ us!!! Hugs to all!

  13. Thank you for posting all of the pictures and keeping your readers up to date on your travels! I haven’t been to Buena Vista in about eleven years. It’s really breathtaking.

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