Burrito Blitz

This weekend is Burrito Making Weekend. My job is to sort, rinse, and wash the beans on Thursday night. I also am a taste tester on Saturday :-). Anna cut all the onions up this afternoon, in preparation for shuttling them through the blender.

Tonight, we had a great family night: enjoyed snapping ChorePacks together (that time again!), and talking, and finally Bible time. Most were expecting to head toward bed after Bible time, when it suddenly dawned on us we still had burrito things to process. Hmmm… How could we forget when we’ve been smelling beans cooking all day? I guess one can get blind to them. So, lots of the family jumped into action.

Lots of jalapenos.
We have an old stand mixer that we use to mash the bean to a smooth consistency.
The guys are doing a walk tomorrow with weights, and Joseph was trying out something heavy. I’ll stick with the lighter weight that I’m going to carry.
Lots of beans!

We’ve been making burritos for so many years–ever since I was a little girl. Can you believe I still love to wake up, on burrito making weekends, and smell the onion/jalapeno mixture that has been cooking overnight? And, I’ll tell you a secret. I still love burritos. I would eat them every day, even though we have burritos Sunday at lunch. Yummm. They’re inexpensive too. And healthy. Here’s the recipe if you want it.


“And having food and raiment let us be therewith content” (1 Timothy 6:7-8).

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  1. Wow! That recipe makes alot. I’d like to try it sometime… thats a good meal to be able to pull out of the freezer. You make your own tortillias too right? Thanks πŸ™‚
    Yes, we do make whole wheat tortillas, although right now, we’ve been buying corn tortillas.

  2. Oh, I hope you do a blog post about the walk!

    As for burritos, well, sorry, but Mexican food just isn’t my favorite! If we have tacos, I’m happy with just the shell, meat, lettuce, and cheese. But glad to hear that you really like something that works great for you, all of you!

    God bless! Rebecca K.

  3. It is the “oops we forgot” moments like these that the best memories are made of! πŸ™‚ Thank you for the bean recipe. The tortilla recipe you all posted a few months was a HUGE hit with my family!

  4. Oh thank you! We LOVE burritos around here and this recipe sounds delicious. All those onions – – yum!

  5. Wow, that sounds really hot and spicy w/that many jalapenos, or maybe they’re the mild type. Well I’m sure you have lots of water on hand for burning mouths.
    Sounds delicious though.
    Actually, it is more for the flavor. It is normally not spicy, unless we get a batch of extra hot jalapenos.

  6. We much prefer taco salad at our house, lettuce, ground beef, frijoles, cheese, tomatos, onions and salsa, with some ranch dressing. My adult kids request it every week.

    If we want a burrito, we walk down the street to the best Mexican restaurant in town and get a wet carnitas burrito.

    Our Sunday dinner is always different, shared with my Mom and niece, tomorrow it’s pineapple teriyaki chicken grilled with fresh asparagus and chicken rice pilaf. Tonight it’s steak, grilled potatos and onions with caramelized onion on top and corn on the cob. Life’s not predictable and that’s the way we like it.

    Enjoy your burritos, top it with a lot of salsa and sour cream and melted cheese, or some enchilada sauce with melted cheese.

  7. OH how I wish I could have one! I developed an allergy to all peppers around the age of 25. I love Mexican and Italian peppers too! I always tell people if the good Lord gives me a heads up when my time is up I will go with a hot pepper and egg sandwich on toasted Italian or a nice beef chimichanga in hand:-) I do make burritos for the family, but have to buy prepared as I can’t handle the peppers. Your recipe sounds delicious!

  8. I didn’t realize this was your Sunday dinner tradition ~ So nice to have a plan =)
    Sounds like this might work well in a large electric roaster instead of several pots (?) That’s where I make our salsa.

  9. I have made your bean recipe, with or without variation, many times and love it.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

  10. How interesting, Because today I also made burritos the fast way though and me and my family had them for lunch!! God Bless

  11. Just letting you know I cooked up a pot of beans today, while phil and I were busy working in the yard, and tonight added all the extras and have them ready for the freezer later tonight after they cool a bit. After reading your post on making your burrito beans, I developed a craving for them–they are so good, and thank you for sharing your recipe.

    blessings, Mrs. Mari

  12. I started making your whole wheat tortillas a few months ago…I am in heaven. Just finished making a big batch today to refrigerate for the next few days. I can’t believe it took me so long to try. I could seriously eat them all day every day with just some melted cheddar cheese on them. It’s the best pregnancy craving I’ve ever had:) I’m going to have to try the beans in the next week or so. I bet I’m going to have a new favorite.

  13. We made your bean filling, on a smaller scale. It turned out so well that we will make even more the next time! I had hoped to have enough to freeze for several more meals, but it went so fast! The kids loved it! My six year old son, Mike, said “It’s just the right spices mom!” One never knows with small children. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed them and it was really so easy. The ingredients are simple and inexpensive! Thank you! We’ll have to try your tortilla recipe next!

  14. They sound good but we do ours differnt and have you triedchicken tacos just use boneless chicken instead of hamburger and boy we do like them specially when its ht out

  15. Oh Sarah, I haven’t made these in years! Right now I am 6 months pregnant and this post made my mouth water so we made the speedy version of it! It does taste more flavorful if you take the time to do it slowly and let the flavors blend, but as I type it is finishing up on the stove for supper tonight. I started the process only 5 hours ago! To make sure the beans cooked I par-boiled them for a good while.
    Yum- I can’t wait!
    I have never made it in the large quantity that your family does! What a wonderful memory for you all to carry and pass along from generation to generation!
    How often do you actually have to make them when you are making that many? I’m guessing every other month????
    Thanks for the great reminder-they are delicious!

    Mrs. D.
    They actually last for up to 3 months.

  16. I am SO excited to make your burrito recipe for our family of 11! Sounds yummy, and nice to have a lot made in advance, inexpensively, and I’ve been really desiring to be learning how to cook with dry beans so this will be a great start for me with your nicely detailed directions. Thank you! =)

    We’ve been long-time fans of ALL of your books which we own and loan.

    People ask us all the time how we do life with 9 children (ages 8mo.-13), and the most prominent thing I mention is scheduling, planning, being proactive with life and homeschooling, etc. The Maxwell materials are actually sprinkled through out many of our posts. =)

    Love and blessings to you all!
    Erika S., WA

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