Good news for Julie and Grace!

I received a sweet envelope in the mail yesterday–it was so cute, I had to take a picture before opening it. It was from a young lady, Julie, who enjoys the Moody books. She said it would be great if I could write more. Good news, Julie, and all of the other Moody readers! Winter Days will be soon in process. Lord willing, I hope to start arranging the ideas in outline form next week, and praying hard for the Lord’s direction for this book. Julie also mentioned that they made Grammies, a recipe in the book. Not too long ago, I received the cutest letter from a four year old named Grace. That one melted me too.

In addition, yesterday, I received an encouraging note from a dear mom of many who has been reading Autumn Days each day after breakfast. You all truly help keep the desire to write burning!

Some of you have noticed the new blog header. That’s thanks to Joseph’s design skills and Christopher’s photography (Sunday night we did a photo shoot).


Julie's envelope
The front side of Grace's letter. She's only 4!

“But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy” (James 3:17-18).

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  1. Good to know you’re writing more! All three of my children love the Moody books. We’ve finished the series and my three-year-old asked last night if we could hear more about the Moodys. Thank you for writing this series!

  2. How sweet! I’ve finished reading Autumn Days, and now have been rereading certain chapters. Can’t wait to read what happens next!

    That’s a beautiful picture of you, Sarah.

    Praying for you and John and your dad.

    God bless! Rebecca K.

  3. Sarah – we also made “Grammies” after we read Autumn Days. The entire family loves them!

  4. Precious. Congratulations Sarah! Praise from a child is praise indeed. Happy writing to you.


  5. Every day during lunch, I read the Proverbs chapter of the day, a character building section/story from a couple other books, and then a chapter of Moodys! I save the Moody chapter for last, because the kids love it so much. They also love to do things for us that the Moody children do in the books to bless their parents! (Maybe in the next book they could bless their mom by sending her for a pedicure? Haha, just kidding. Mostly.)

    Thanks for giving my children a Godly example in your books. There are so few books out there that do so! May the Lord bless your ministry, and all the glory go to Him!

    Mrs. W.

  6. All the children in our family (6 – so far) that can enjoy reading or being read too, heartily enjoy your books Sarah. As a parent, it is really refreshing to read a book that you don’t have too add ‘good character bits’ yourself to the story as you read it. It’s all those little things & the wonderful story lines that are full of everyday events that we enjoy most about your books. We have a couple of young aspiring writers in our midst, so you never know, perhaps one day they may write some books of their own!! We will pray for you as you start the new outline.

  7. Yay!!! I just pulled out our Moody books again for our newly adopted daughter who has ZERO religious background! It’s been so fun to tell her about Jesus, at age 5, and then to have amazing books like the Moodys to read to her and reinforce all we’re teaching her. The other day, she did something and then referenced the Moody books…….so cute! So thankful the 2nd time around with kids reading these books! 🙂 Blessings to you Sarah as you write!!!!!!

  8. We love the Moody books! Please keep them coming! What a joy it is to have Godly material for my daughters! Thank you! We will pray for you during this writing process!

  9. So glad to hear you are beginning your writing again. We will be praying for you through the process!
    LOVE the new header!

  10. That is so sweet that the little girl wrote to you:) It seems like we are hearing about what you guys have been up to lately. Which i always love to read about, but my little girl was asking me about the newlyweds and how they are doing? Maybe you can write an update blog about them. That would be really nice to see how things are coming along with them:)

    God Bless
    You can tell your little girl that Christopher and Anna Marie are on their way to Washington as we speak to visit her family for a bit of vacation. They are doing wonderful and it is a joy to see them in love and having a wonderful new life together.

  11. I like the new and updated photo of the family. God has certainly blessed the family with many talents and it is wonderful to see them being used for the glory of God.

    Sarah, our prayers will be with you as you plan and write your new book.

  12. Good news for us, too! I bought the latest Moody book at CHAP last month and am saving it for closer to fall to read it to the children. I did sneak a few peeks at it though:) Thank you so much for writing this series, Sarah. These books have truly been a blessing to our family.

  13. I love the Moody books. I have just started reading the first book to “J” the little, now 5 month baby boy, I am caring for during the week. Babies are a gift and while I know he doesn’t really know what I am reading to him, he does love to look at me and smile big while being read to. I love having your books to introduce him to.

    blessings, Mrs. Mari

  14. We can’t wait for another installment of the Moody’s! Lydia, who is seven asked if Sarah was writing another one yet and asked if Sarah could write more of them real fast…LOL! We made This n’ That the other day-delicious:-)

  15. YEAH! My kids love to read/listen to the Moody books….esp because we have 5 kids and the last two were identical twin boys. Our crew is about the same ages as the Moody kids so that makes it even better. I think the next book will be really funny, since as twins get older there are SOOO many more things for them to do/get into than a single baby! We are learning as we go but it was definitely harder to keep to a schedule w/two two year olds running around this year……not that it wasn’t possible but every day seems to have a different funny thing that happened! However, now that the twins are two we are excitedly waiting to see if God will give us another (or two) children in our family! :^)

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