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We received this comment to the Memorial Day post.

“I find the abortion comment in very poor taste comparing it to the lives of the servicemen and women who have given their lives in service to their country. Why don’t your children enlist and serve their country? Or are they too precious a commodity to lose?”

Sarah wrote the post, but I will respond since it appeared you addressed your comment to me. To me Memorial Day seemed a most fitting time to remember not only those servicemen and women who gave their lives for our great country, but also the millions of babies who have been killed legally in our country. Yes, our service men and women paid the ultimate price, and we are deeply grateful for them. Yet our country, has chosen to cheapen life in allowing the destruction of innocent children. We rightfully grieve when lives are lost due to war and disasters, but EVERY day over 3,000 innocent children are killed before they ever had a chance to take one breath. We remember when the Twin Towers came down at the loss of life, but “we” forget the 3,000 who will die today. May we NEVER forget!

Also, regarding your military question. I served my country in the military. So far, the Lord has not led any of my children to join the military. He would be the One you would have to ask about that. Concerning the preciousness of my children versus others — all children are too precious to die including those unborn babies.

Steve Maxwell

“He shall redeem their soul from deceit and violence: and precious shall their blood be in his sight.” Psalms 72:14

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  1. Amen!!! Love the post and it is too bad that you guys don’t have a thumbs up on your blog like they do on YouTube!!!

  2. Very well said Steve, my precious child was wounded in Iraq in 2008, he was certainly doing what God had called him to do.. but as much as I love my child, he is no more precious then the child of a drug addict or prostitute whose parents decide to kill them.

    May God by his grace and according to HIS will allow us to remember not just soldiers and babes, but also the great warriors who laid down their lives for our religious freedom… and most of all Jesus who died to free us from the slavery from sin!

    Once again… very well said

  3. I read your memorial day post, Sarah, and thought your comparision was very fitting. The longer the murder of children is permitted legally in our country, the easier it is to ‘forget’. Thanks for the reminder.

    Also, Steve, thanks for you fitting comment. I would be honored, as I am sure you would too, to have a child of mine serve his country in the military; but we also have left that in the choice to God and we will see where He leads.

    Thanks for your website and the wonderful encouragment it is. We have been blessed by your ministry more than we could ever put into words.

    God bless you!

  4. Thank you Mr. Maxwell to your response handled with dignity and grace. I actually viewed Sarah’s blog differently that day than the one who responded with the above post. I appreciated Sarah’s comment which included the memory of lives lost. Both are equally to be remembered in prayer, both leave voids in our midst. While traveling this year we took our 10 year old son to a former POW war camp, we also discuss with him the reasons people make decisions for abortion, why we need to pray for them and the ripple effect of a decision like that. I want my son to know that all of the lives involved, those who die for their country, those who were murdered through abortion, and those who made the decision to have an abortion, or those “enemies” that shot down our service men – every soul is important to God.

  5. I am not sure why this person is so focused on who enlists/doesn’t enlist. There are MANY people who never enlist in the military. If a person isn’t “led” or “called” to enlist, then they don’t, simple as that. It’s our right as Americans. I am thankful that there are many who do enlist and are there to keep our country safe and free. But we shouldn’t feel (or be made to feel) “guilty” if we or our children don’t enlist! And it is my opinion that what he said was in a way true: “ALL children are too precious to loose”, whether it’s our own who might die for our country, or 3,000 babies a day through abortion.

  6. I’ve noticed that over the past year or so that you’ve been receiving some critical comments! I think it’s terribly rude and unkind what some people have said, putting you down. ”Put downs” are ugly.
    One saying that Dad mentions often is ” People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. Thank you for following Jesus and choosing to forgive!

    God bless! Rebecca K.

  7. Personally, I don’t think the original post deserved such a response, but Mr. Maxwell is a man of character. Memorial Day, as of the 20th Century, is a day to honor not only those fallen in war but also all those who are no longer with us. It would then make total sense that Sarah is taking Memorial Day as an opportunity to visit the graves of the aborted with her prayers as it is within her Liberty as an American to pray for and remember all she chooses. The statement made about the Maxwell children joining the army was a non-sequetor in this case and again, I do not believe Mr. Maxwell should have had to validate that he, himself, DID serve. I have met the Maxwell’s and they ARE serving their country by standing up for the injustices that exist in it (like abortion) and by being true warriors of the Lord. You do not have to hold a gun to do so. It takes a strong warrior to stand up for what they believe in without being afraid of the firey tongues of people who throw rocks their way. To the person who made the comment, I have to ask if you are a warrior for the Lord? Only He knows the answer!

  8. Your response to negative comments is always such a blessing! I didn’t think Sarah was comparing the two things but simply mentioning them both as valuable lives lost. Its sad that there are always negative comments, as they must hurt; but I so appreciate your never taking offense and letting the Lord wipe the offense away. I’d like to tell you all what a HUGE blessing your lives, your products and your blog are to our family. So often in reading your blog we are renewed in our vision for our family and our awesome responsibility to God as parents. Your children and grandchildren are a testimony to your faithfulness to God and his leading. They are awesome! Its incredible to them speaking at conferences and showing such maturity at such a young age – unlike me who wasted my youth on frivolous pursuits. We are so blessed to see it can be different and to trust God to lead us in true Godly parenting. We have devoured all your resources and spread them around to friends who have also been so blessed (here in Cape Town, South Africa) Thank you!
    with love in Christ, Karyn

  9. Great response to that comment!!! May the Lord continue to bless your family!

  10. I always appreciate how you take the time to respond to the critical as well as “happy” comments. You never seem like you are judging the person making the comment but trying to show them you truly cared about what they wrote. I enjoy this website so much and get on daily in the mornings to see if there’s a new post. It’s always such an encouragement to me and to the others I share it with. Praying for all of you. You’re a blessing.

  11. This post brought tears to my eyes!! As i thought it was perfectly fitting to include it on memorial day!! “May we NEVER FORGET”!!! And continue to pray that the hearts of many be turned back to the FATHER!! I pour out at the feet of Jesus for these little ones. Maybe because of my story, this has such an impact on my spirit. Possibly it is the 3 failed attempts of my parents to abort me, leaves a continually yearning for mothers/fathers to know GOD’s heart. I praise God for families that stand strong in adversity and proclaim the Word of the LORD!!!
    Thank you, a thousand times Thank you!!!

  12. I think that your comment about abortion was VERY apropos for memorial day. We are ( and need to be) AT WAR with the abortion industry. It is a war…the enemy? Planned Parenthood and all who believe and support the murder of babies in the womb! The slaughter of innocent, unborn babies is appalling…and we, as a nation, need to take a stand to end it. My DH served in the military for 20 years, I have nieces and nephews serving now. None of us would be offended including the memory of those innocent lost lives along with service members.

  13. Very good response…very gracious and kind. I do think that Memorial Day ought to remember those babies who have died needlessly…as well as our amazing soldiers. Oh, and by the way…thank you for what you have done for our Country as well!!! God bless you all.

  14. Thank you for your service to our country both in the military and now in the ministry.

    About a week before he went Home my son told me that he felt God might be calling him to join the National Guard and train to be a Chaplain eventually. He felt a calling to be involved in prison ministry too. At the time of his accident he was a Campus Missionary at the high school. He had been taking my husband’s Ancient Jewish and Greet Lit. class at the high school and had made a lot of friends. One of them asked him to start a lunchtime Bible study. And remember, 24 people came to Christ at his service! I’d say he was already in the Army-the Lord’s Army!

    Incidentally, he’d not have been here if abortion had been legal when I was conceived. My mom told me the only reason she didn’t have one was it was illegal.

    Thank you!

  15. I love the way you answer critical and negative comments! I sometimes tend to react in a way not pleasing to the Lord, and I pray He gives me the grace to respond in a way He would want me to. Thank you and God bless you! Your family is an encouragement to me!

  16. This is in response to Deana’s comment. People don’t think ahead to all that could be affected by their actions. One baby aborted affects so much more than just that baby and the parents: the children and grandchildren that baby could have helped bring into the world, the legacy for good or bad. Been thinking on how our actions affect so many, that ripple effect, and her comment just hit me.

    And thank you for your ministry and your stand. You have been a great blessing to our family!

  17. I agree. Somehow our country goes to war to protect freedom yet in our own country the unborn are still being mercilessly killed simply because they can’t speak for themselves and are deemed a “bother or nuisance”.

  18. As soon as I read Sarah’s post, I immediately caught the connection being drawn between the lives of service men and women whom we remember and memorialize; and the babies who also have suffered and died in great number, and deserve to be remembered, yet are forgotten and discarded (here on earth, but not in Heaven). Being Christians, our faith is a living part of every single thing we say and do, so I found it understandable and fitting and appropriate that that connection was made. I always appreciate the graciousness of your posts and comments and replies here on Titus2.

  19. Seems to me that those taking the straight and narrow path are the ones often attacked. Praise God! You are your family are on that path and have no one’s comments to worry about but the Lords..”Well done, good and faithful servant.”
    I’ve met you and your family at a conference and have read many books/corners and been encouraged by all. My children love the children’s series written by your daughter. God has given your family many talents and what a testimony that all are using them to encourage and bless others and bring Glory to God!

  20. Thank you, Maxwell family!
    Thank you Mr. Maxwell for your service. Thank you, Sarah, for your boldness.
    When we’re swimming against the current, don’t we expect some resistance?
    Thank God for strength, courage, and grace!

  21. Just for the record, my husband serves in the military and just returned safely from Iraq (Praise the LORD!) and neither of us were offended by the inclusion of the precious babies that are killed every day! Thank you also for your very gracious and loving response… truly you are an encouragement, example and blessing to us.
    Glad he is home safely. My regards to him.

  22. As the daughter of a man who proudly served through Vietnam and the Granddaughter of a man who proudly served throughout WWII, as well as being the very blessed Mother of 3 children (so far), I found your thoughts and words profound indeed.

    You handled your response with dignity and grace. Any life lost is indeed worth remembering.

  23. Amen Mr. Maxwell. is important remember this point in the life of all the world. Thank you!

  24. FYI – There is a yearly day of remembrance called Sanctity of Life Sunday. This is one website that had information on it.
    Our church recognizes it every year. If we have days for our servicemen and women, mothers, fathers, etc., then we definitely should have a day dedicated where the tiniest and most innocent lives are remembered. Thank you for your blog. You and Terri were instrumental in re-connecting me with my Savior. I never lost faith but you encouraged me to fight for what I believe in and find others who do the same. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  25. Thanks Laurie! Not trying to hijack the Maxwell’s post, just wanted to acknowledge her comment! Thank you and God bless you. (((southern belle style hug))))

  26. Steve,
    First, I am bit so surprised that someone would make a comment like this to you. You and Teri, along with your children are completely honesty driven in your lives and your ultimate following of God’s direction in your lives for all choices and decisions. I don’t know you to make a decision that you haven’t prayed on an answer to. I so admire this in you all, and strive to learn to do this in my own life.

    Your response is is the response zI would expect to hear from you. You are a good and Godly man leading your family in the ways of the Lord. I don’t know if the person leaving the response is hoping to create a debate with you or not, but I do hope they read your message with the honesty in it’s response and can see you as the Godly man you are.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari
    (It is so nice to being back able to have time to read your blog, and few others, and feel back in the circle. I have missed you all so much.)

  27. This is to Sarah: I thought your Memorial Day blog was perfect!! It showed exactly what the day is really all about!! Every time you update the blog, you are encouraging others and being positive!! Keep up the great work and don’t let the negative comments bring you down!! 🙂

  28. Thank you for share the blog post and your response…it was well put! I feel we, as Christians, need to remember these babies who are killed everyday, and what a more appropriate time than Memorial Day when we remember our fallen soldiers and those who are serving! Abortion is just another war we are fighting, just like the “War on Terror”. I believe both are spiritual battles, and not physical. As a military wife, I am thankful that these men and women are trying to keep our country safe and make a difference for the lives of those who live in the middle east, but I believe the battles are really won one person at a time as Christ is received and hearts are changed…whether it is muslim living in the middle east, or a young woman who is contemplating having an abortion.
    I also liked your response to why none of your children are serving in the military. Knowing how important it is to you (all) to be obedient to the Lord, I know that if He said “go” to one of your children, they would!
    Well, just some thoughts that crossed my mind after reading your post! 🙂 God bless you all!

  29. Well done Mr Maxwell, you handled that comment in an amazing manner. We learn from you how to deal with others, so thank you!

  30. Thank you for this post, and for always being willing to stand strong in the face of adversity. May the Lord continue to protect and bless ALL the Maxwell family.

  31. It feels like this is the longest you’ve gone on your blog without posting something, and I miss the insight into your lives! I hope that this last comment didn’t put you off blogging and that you’re just busy with gearing up for a new conference. Hope all is well with the family.

  32. I am late responding to this post, but, I appreciate Sarah’s post for Memorial day and “job well done” bro Steve on your reply to the critical comment you received. My husband and I put out a devotion to encourage Christian family and friends and yes, we have to answer to God for what we say/print as well. Keep up the good work with your blog and your ministry. May God bless you and your family as you continue in His service.

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