We’ve had a few people ask if we’re okay with all of the recent tornadoes. Yes, we are. We don’t normally post about world events, but our hearts have been hurting with those affected by the tornadoes from Alabama to Joplin to Oklahoma City and beyond. We are praying for the many who are left without loved ones or homes. I’ve thought about how here our life goes on as normal, but for those who were affected, normal is not normal anymore. Our hearts have grieved for the families of those who are missing. How much pain that must bring to know that your dad or mom or sister or brother can’t be found and likely you’ll never see them this side of eternity again. I don’t even have words to express my sympathies, since I’ve never been through that kind of huge loss.

May each of us be prepared to meet our Maker. Eternity is very real, and while some may live a good, long life, others may pass quickly, such as a tornado, or a car accident, or slowly through cancer. I’ve also considered how those who have lost their homes did not go throughout their day thinking, “My house will be destroyed tonight.” No, it came suddenly. Maybe you think that you’ll wait to make a decision for the Lord Jesus until you’re older or on your death bed. Dear Reader, please don’t wait. Eternity is forever, and the decision of where you’ll spend it isn’t something to postpone.


“And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15).

Saturday night, we did end up going to the basement. This was the sky before Bible time, and then just as we were preparing for Bible time, the tornado sirens blew. Then they turned off, and then continued turning on and then off again, about seven or eight times.Â
We had Bible time in the basement.


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  1. Thanks for posting, Sarah. I’m glad you all are okay! Let’s remember to pray for the people in Japan also!!!!!! They too have been hit very, very hard with earthquakes!

    The disaster in Joplin, Missouri is -oohhhh- just so sad!!! May God glorify His holy name in all of this!!!!!

    God bless! Rebecca K.

  2. My husband and I have friends and family scattered across the midwest. I have really been praying for everyone’s safety. I will add you all to the list! I am praying not only for the safe keeping of each person, but for their homes and communities as well. For those who have lost homes and loved ones, my prayer is that God will bring salvation, healing and restoration. We serve an awesome God who can do all of this and more!

  3. I love what you wrote about eternity, Sarah, and about making a decision now before it is too late!
    Glad to know you all are safe and sound.

    With love from NJ

  4. Tornado sirens…I really dislike them, even though they are there to keep you safe. I’ve been up to Harvest, Alabama, and that’s bad. But go up to Anderson Hills…that’s said to be even worse.

  5. Thank you always for encouraging people to make a decision for the Lord Sarah! We know of several fellow homeschooling families that lost everything, including loved ones, in the Alabama tornadoes. Heartbreaking! May the Lord fill them with peace and hope, and may we all be reminded to put our trust in the Lord!

  6. Just to update you on little 3 year old Ryan who is missing. He is still missing, and the search/rescue teams have expanded the search area. His pregnant mother apparently put he, his brother, and sister in a bathtub under a mattress, and she layed on top of all of it to protect them. His 15 mo. old brother died in the hospital, his 5 yr. old sister is still in critical condition with a head injury, and their mom has been upgraded to fair condition. They found the baby’s heartbeat yesterday, so the baby appears to be safe. We are praising God for the progress of the mom and sister, but are specifically praying for the safe return of little Ryan and for God’s mercy to cover them all once they have to start rebuilding their lives.

    Thank you for your prayers for our communities across Oklahoma. I have enjoyed emailing you back and forth and appreciate your thoughts on eternity. I just pray that we all are vigilant and prayerful in keeping in mind that we never know when eternity will meet us.

    In Christ,


  7. I so echo what is written. Just recently my husband and I had the chance to watch a very powerful video testimony about a family of believers who lost a child unexpectedly, through a freak accident. One of the most compelling points made was “What is your relationship with the Lord, when “X” happens” — and that SOMEthing will happen in this life, whether it is a child lost, or a tornado that hits, or a company that is downsized, or whatever. How necessary it will be, to be in a right relationship with the Lord, when that trouble befalls us. How only the Lord Jesus can rescue us, from whatever terrible situation. Thank you Sarah for your words, and may they reach many many of us.

  8. Thank you for letting everyone know that all is well with your family. I live in the South, near the areas destroyed by the April 27 tornadoes. I noticed that you didn’t post anything about them, but I am glad you decided to do so now. We truly need to be in prayer for those whose lives have been touched by these natural disasters. I, for one, found that when the disaster was near me, it was uppermost in my mind and I was praying for those who were struggling almost hourly; yet when I hear of a disaster in another region of the country, I am apt to just offer a prayer every few days. That is wrong of me. There are so many who are lost and in need of help and hope from the LORD. Thank you for reminding us all of that. Please also remember those who are working to provide relief to the hurting, and as always, let us all be in prayer for revival for our nation.

  9. So thankful you all are okay. ~ My heart has been heavy for all those affected (a few weeks ago even some areas here in Georgia were hit hard, with loss of lives). Continued prayers for all of the people affected by the storms, and thankful that through everything, God is still in control.
    Love, Patti M.

  10. Hi,

    I really liked what you said about things happening SUDDENLY.

    I had a talk with my friend and her husband (he is anti-christian), and he made the comment that if a person could believe in Jesus just before they die and still go to Heaven, then that’s what he would do. His wife brought to his attention that something may happen suddenly where he wouldn’t get the time or opportunity to do so, and he remained quiet.

    Things do happen suddenly, so it is critical that we know Jesus and help others to do so as well, before it is too late.

    Thanks for writing Sarah!

  11. My family lives a few miles outside of Oakman, Al in a doublewide mobile home. From 4:30 am of that Wednesday to about 5:30 pm, we had to go to our stormshelter four times. Two out of the four tornadoes came close to our home but missed. Parts of the town of Cordova, a few miles away, were wiped out. Several were killed and some still missing. It is the same in the county of Tuscaloosa, about 50 miles from our home. They will be in need of our prayers for awhile.

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