Last Sunday

We had the joy of spending the day with our friends who had come from New Hampshire. Since we had a conference scheduled Monday evening, which meant we weren’t heading home Sunday, we had a free day.

It was a restful time, full of encouragement and fellowship in the Lord. In the morning, we had a wonderful time of worship, with special music from the S. Family, a time of prayer, and Dad gave a wonderful message on Elijah. I am blessed beyond measure to have a dad whose passion is to share Jesus and live for Him.

Mrs. S. and Julia very tastefully arranged the meals, even in the tight quarters of a hotel room.
Julia, Olivia, and Mary
Jesse helping Parker with his guitar.

After lunch, the rain seemed to clear, so it was decided to go to the park for awhile. When we arrived, it began to rain, so we had to wait out the storm. The grass and playground were wet, but that really didn’t matter. Clothes wash. Children love playing at the park.


Anna and Andrew
Some tried the merry-go-round.
Sweet Olivia
Tyler, Carter, and JesseÂ

When we were done at the park, we went back to our friends’ hotel room. Dinner was barbecue plus other items such as chips, salad, and yes, even ice cream and cookies for dessert.

Playing with clay!

We then we went to God’s Word for our closure to the day. Family Bible time is one of our favorite times of the day, and when we have the treat of sharing it with another family, it makes it even more special.


John and Parker
Parker and Dad

We are grateful for the sacrifice our friends made to come to Pennsylvania. We were truly blessed!


“Fulfil ye my joy, that ye be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind” (Philippians 2:2).

6 thoughts on “Last Sunday”

  1. Aww, the children are so sweet! 😀 You all really seemed to enjoy your times together which is great! What a joy to spend time with family’s with like-minded convictions! 😀 Wow, I can’t beleive that the ladies could put out such a lovely spread of food in a place like a hotel room! 😀 Very creative and organized way of doing things. 🙂 I am glad you were able to rest and to spend that time with them all! 😀

    Blessings and Hugs!
    ~Miss Rachel~

  2. That looks like fun! And what a sweet time of fellowship! Your dinner sounds
    delicious! My sister and I really enjoy taking pictures of children. They are a joy!!!

    I’m glad that Family Bible Time is one of the highlights of your day! That’s wonderful!! And it is extra sweet to share it with others!

    God bless! Rebecca K.

  3. This question is a little off topic, but have you been having any problems with cicadas? They are pretty active here!! Ooohhh!!!

    Rebecca K.
    Not that I know of yet!

  4. a little off topic, but is the Maxwell family and your Sunday church home ok with the recent tornados?
    That’s so sweet of you to ask. Yes, we are okay! I just posted a new post.

  5. Praying for all the people in OK, MO, KS during this terrible storm season. We know as in Minneapolis we have suffered a big hit too. May the Good Lord protect and prosper you!

  6. Great pictures. In Canada we have been hearing of the tornadoes. I hope you are all safe. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of the Midwest.

    Thank you. I just posted a post. We are okay.

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