6 thoughts on “This Weekend”

  1. I like your picture, you wonderful girls!!! Have a blessed rest of the trip!!
    Hope everything was blessed for you all and the people who came!!!

    God bless! Rebecca K.

  2. It was *soo* very nice to see you all at the conference! 😀 Thank you for being so kind as to take a picture with us Sarah and for talking with us! 🙂 Hugs! You’re family has been such a blessing to us and I know the Lord used you all in a great way at CHAP to bless many others. 🙂 I pray you all had a better and safer trip home again then you did in coming. 🙂

    Love in Christ!

  3. It is obvious from the pictures that God has blessed your trip and has used you to bless many people.

  4. Sarah,

    I wanted to let you know that my girls LOVE reading the Moody books. It is SO great to find books that the girls enjoy that are good for them to read. We were not able to go to the CHAPS conference (or the conference in Uniontown.) We were disappointed! However, God worked it out that a friend went & was able to purchase the newest Moody book for my girls. Thanks SOOO very much for signing the book for my Hannah! She was given the book after church on Sunday & spent the afternoon reading.

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