A Little Update

The last two days have been busy, and I will try to catch everyone up at some point. For now, I’ll leave you with several things. Conference has been going incredibly great, and we have been thrilled to talk to many people and encourage them in the Lord. We’ll post more later.


Thursday morning
We saw an aircraft from the Presidential Fleet.

Bible time last night with friends that came down from New Hampshire.
Mom's Chore Session
The lady pictured with Mom and I actually came from Canada for the conference. She and her husband drove many hours to come.
Mom's Meek and Quiet session was packed out.

“For thou art my rock and my fortress; therefore for thy name’s sake lead me, and guide me” (Psalms 31:3).

4 thoughts on “A Little Update”

  1. It was so good to meet your family at CHAP! I can’t wait to dive into all the wonderful resources I purchased at your booth! Was this your first time at CHAP? I was so happy to see a study guide for the ” homeschooling with a meek and quiet spirit” book. I LOVE that book and have read it more than once, especially the years that I feel very discouraged or know that my attitude was not right.

    Yes, it was our first year at CHAP! Blessings.

  2. Thank you for this update. I’m so thankful you all (and Uriah!) were able to get out of all that water – – Praise the Lord!!! 🙂 And it looks like John certainly did a wonderful job leading you all through the water. ~ So glad the conference is going well too. Continued prayers as you minister for our Lord.
    Love from Georgia, Patti M. 🙂

  3. From Canada to Pennsylvania! That is a long drive! I’m glad the conference went well for you.

  4. I was in that Meek and Quiet session and it was indeed packed!;) I so enjoyed hearing Teri speak in person and was able to puchase the newest Autum Moody’s book, the only thing at the table that I did not yet own:) Thank you so much for your ministry!

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