Abby’s ChorePack

Abby has begun to use a ChorePack recently. She loves to help Mommy (Melanie) around the house. It’s exciting to see Abby using and enjoying her ChorePack. Since she is young, she only has a few chores in it, suitable to her age.


Aunt Toni gave Abby this hand-made “goat” one time when they visited. It is a very special goat, since Gram (our grandma we visited recently) made it years ago. Abby’s name for the goat? “Goatie.” So, here’s Abby with her ChorePack, ready to begin, and Goatie.


First chore is to push in her chair after breakfast. After that, she throws her napkin in the trash.




Then, it’s time to pick up the toys Bethany has been playing with.





Next up is sweeping the floor.



Abby puts each card on the table after she does them so Mommy knows she is done. Abby’s last card is a smiley face, which I thought was very clever. All done!

Abby helped Mommy fold a few towels after she was done with her ChorePack.

Abby, Melanie, and Bethany

“A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance…” (Proverbs 15:13).

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  1. This are great pictures and I love Abby’s cheerful face as she helps her Mommy! What a blessing to start learning early!

  2. Oh, what a beautiful post! Abby, what a good job you’re doing! You are really learning from a great Mommy! I can tell she is a wonderful keeper at home by observing two bright-eyed, smiling little sweethearts and a shiny, shiny wooden floor! Your jumper (I think Aunt Anna made it?) is so cute, too! May Jesus continue to bless your family.

  3. Wonderful! I wish I would have had this when I was a child. It is so good to help others and Abby is learning that from the start. Beautiful picture of mom and daughters.

  4. Lovely post of the beginnings of chores! Melanie looks so joyful & the 2 girls look very contented under their Mummy’s loving care! Children are a blessing & a heritage from the LORD, how much I have grown & learnt through the teaching of my own children.

  5. Abby is just too cute in these photos. Of course the most precious part is that she is being brought up to be a Keeper At Home. What an adorable dress. And my Bethany is growing. What a great picture of Melanie and daughters right before Mother’s Day – thanks for sharing.

  6. Aww, that is soo sweet! What a big girl she is getting to be! 😀 And she looks so cheerful while working (just as we all should be when working). 🙂 Love it! Melanie is doing a wonderful job as a Mama. 😀

    Love Abby’s sweet little outfit and hairdo too. 🙂 She’s so precious! 😀 HeHe!

    Blessings to you all!
    ~Miss Rachel~

  7. p.s. I reconize that verse from the Moody books! I forgot which one that was…I think this first one, Summer with the Moodys. Maddie said it.

  8. This is the sweetest thing!! Our three year old has chores too, and he is always so excited to do them. Aren’t chore packs great?? ;0) Thanks for the darling photos.

  9. This was a great post. It is great to see the beauty of God’s heart demonstrated in this precious little girl!

  10. So much to say! First, what a joy! For true joy comes through serving/giving and how sweet to be able to instill that truth in a young child’s heart. Next, Melanie is so beautiful and my heart rejoices thinking of about 4 1/2 years ago when we first met and she shared her desire to have children. And now, she’s surrounded by 2 precious girls! Bethany is growing so quickly…what bright eyes! And Abigail’s smile is priceless. Did one of the “aunts” make her little dress?
    Also, as my crew is growing and getting older, with so many “big” helpers now, sometimes I don’t focus on letting the youngest ones help like I did with their older siblings. This post encouraged me to give Eliseo and Samuel more of their own specific little tasks. I know they will love it! 🙂

  11. Too cute! What a good job Melanie is doing in training her daughters, they will one day rise up and call her blessed!

  12. What a cute, encouraging post!!!! Abby is adorable, and so is her sister, Bethany!!! It’s encouraging to see Abby enjoying her work and wanting to do it!!! My top favorite photo is one of the girls with Melanie. Abby’s outfit is also cute. She must enjoy wearing it to match Aunt Anna!!!!

    God bless!!!!! Rebecca K.

  13. The jumper is adorable. Good job Anna! If you have a pattern number you could share, that would be appreciated!

  14. Abby, you are a wonderful little girl, and your mommy is blessed to have you for a daughter. Bethany will look up to you and see a wonderful example!

    Sarah, thank you for sharing these posts. We have had a huge mess at my house with two water leaks in the slab, so it is challenging to say the least. BUT, I love these posts as they are encouraging to me that this too shall pass, and what is left is how I dealt with it. I hope that my kids will see that I have tried to handle even the day-to-day stuff with grace and cheerfulness.

    Love you all,


  15. How cute! When (not if) God blesses us with another one Chore Pac is one of the first things I plan to get.

    In the meantime please keep praying. (((((hug))))))

  16. Abby is a big girl now! Wish I had known about these chore-packs when my young adults were little. Now that my neices and nephews are having children, I will have to get them all on track.

    Praying for the preparations that are being done for the convention in Harrisburg, That must be coming up soon!!!

    Nathan must love the picture of his “three girls”…. It is truly a lovely photo!

  17. Someone else mentioned the wood floor…WOW, it puts mine to shame! It is so neat to get a peak into other homes and families that are trusting in the Lord and walking in his ways. It’s a beautiful thing and I’m so encouraged! I’d better get to work on my floor though. 🙂

  18. Abby’s wrinkled-nose smiles always bring a smile to my own face. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Enjoyed reading this post, it is a blessing to see other young children being a blessing to their family. Abby is getting so big! The last picture is sweet! 😀

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