A Precious Letter

Awhile ago, Christopher gave me a treasure. For those who are Moody book readers, you’ll know of Grandma Clifton, the widow who lives near the Moodys. Much of the Moody books are based on real life, thus the “Not All Fiction” section in the back of each book. But, the “Not All Fiction” certainly doesn’t cover everything. The stories themselves are highly intertwined with things from our family’s lives. Anyway, Grandma Clifton wasn’t all fiction herself. Years ago, when we lived in the state of Washington, we knew Grandma Clifton. We visited her occasionally and helped her with projects. When we moved to Kansas, we kept in touch via letters, and she even came to visit us one time! The treasure I received was a letter Christopher found. Grandma Clifton never would have dreamed her name would live on through the Moody books!



“The hoary head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness” (Proverbs 16:31).

2 thoughts on “A Precious Letter”

  1. It sounds like she has already passed on from this life. What a great treasure. I have a doll my Great Grandmother made me 30 years ago, it is a treasure to me. My children love looking at her yarn hair. In fact it is not stuffed with cottn, it has left over scraps of material as it’s stuffing.

    Thank you for sharing your letter treasure with us.

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