I wonder how many times this makes?

About 10 days before we reached home, we noticed the inevitable, but unavoidable, line in the windshield: yes, a crack. We watched as the crack spread day by day, through the driver’s windshield. It seems every trip a new windshield is in order! This past week, the guys replaced it.

It was a cool, cloudy morning.
Ready with the new one.

The guys had a hard time placing this one, because the stubborn edge just didn’t want to go into the casing. Good news, they finally got it. Bad news? A new crack appeared a couple of days after we replaced it. Our guess is it was a manufacturing defect. We’ve been told that even a slight edge chip can turn into a crack. I guess another windshield replacement will be in order this week.


“Blessed is the man whose strength is in thee; in whose heart are the ways of them” (Psalms 84:5).

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  1. I’m not a professional so that’s maybe a stupid suggestion: Have you tried windshield repair glue, spray or tapes? That way, the crack would not spread and you could use the cracked windshield a bit longer.
    It’s a good suggestion, but it won’t work in this case.

  2. Wow! I hope you guys are buying these in bulk!

    In Him

    Smile. I think we’re going to need to!

  3. Oh, well, I suppose it’s a blessing that all the practice of replacing the windshields means they’re quite skilled at it now! Maybe one of your brothers will have a glass-replacement business someday! 🙂 Thanks also for sharing the pictures of your sweet nieces – love to see those cheerful countenances!!

    Have a wonderful week!
    Mrs. W

  4. Oh!!!! That must be so frustrating!!!!!!!! I don’t know much about windshields, so I have no advice to give except seek the Lord and wait on Him!!!

    By the way, Mom is doing so much better!! Thank you for praying!!! BUT, now Dad needs prayer. He has a pinched nerve in his neck with arthritis aggravating it. His neck, back, and shoulder blades are hurting him big time, and he can’t lift his head up. He’s just miserable. We would appreciate your prayers for him!!!

    God bless! Rebeccca K.

  5. Finger nail polish works usually works great on chips and at the end of a crack. Maybe these windshields are made of something besides normal windshield glass?

  6. OH NO!! How bad! One of the million life trials..and times to trust God always knows best!

  7. I would imagine the guys could do that repair in their sleep by now. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone has dreamt about windshield replacement.
    As always, the Maxwells encourage us with their perseverance. Praise be to God.
    Kim C.

  8. We own an Auto Glass business in Washington (state). I know my husband has done rock chips on motor home windshields. I am curious as to why you said repair would not work. I am not talking about the kind of kit you get in the auto parts store, which is very poor quality material, but done with professional resin. As for a crack, if it is not in front of the driver’s field of vision, it can be possible to fill them in, if you catch them while they are short. The trick is to use a dental drill bit in a
    Dremel tool, and drill a tiny hole at the end of the crack, to stop it going any farther, and back-fill from there. Maybe one of the guys in the family could get training. Might be a possibility for a side business.

    If you carry comprehensive coverage on your insurance, they will pay for chip and crack repairs by a professional at no cost to you…except for State Farm Insurance. They are the only ones that don’t pay for repairs, unless you have zero deductible.

    Let me know what you think!
    We’ve actually tried having them repaired before. We had a chip to start out with, that would likely have been repairable, but we were out of the country, and by the time we were back in the States, the crack started and spread rapidly. For them to work on it, the crack has to be less than 6 inches long. On multiple trips we’ve tried repairing them with professionals, but that isn’t a long term fix, just something to get us home. It’s just an unavoidable part of traveling. We’ve even had guys use Dremels and do exactly what you mentioned, but again, it’s not a long-term solution. THanks for your help!

  9. Glass is a peculiar thing, I guess. We had a cold front come through this area yesterday, dropping the temperature about 40 degrees in a few short hours. This morning, the 5 foot tall window in my husband’s office had a large crack in it, from top to bottom, and it will need to be replaced. Perhaps we already had a small crack in it that we hadn’t noticed, and due to the sudden weather change, the whole window cracked. That’s great that you’re able to change the windshield yourself, I’m sure you’re saving quite a bit that way.

  10. Oh my! I am so glad that the guys know how to replace it. I hope this will be the last time it has to be replaced for awhile. I am glad it was not raining so that they guys could get it installed.

  11. Are you up to a frequent buyer discount by now? 🙂
    I wish!

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