A Little of This and That

It’s a rainy, cool day here at an RV park in Sioux Falls. We drove here last night, and then today is a rest day, before we head out to Rapid City tomorrow.

After leaving our friends’ home yesterday, we saw a horse and buggy. I’ve learned to have my camera near me. 🙂

We continued to see quite a bit flooding, which was sad to see.


This was not just a lake on the side of the road.Â
In some of the areas, the water had quite a swift current.
Sadly, this house is surrounded by water.
I made grilled cheese for lunch today.
I decided to do a Sarah version of Texas Toast with what ingredients I had: bread, butter, garlic salt, and cheddar cheese. Yumm.
We're parked at an RV park, and we've been really blessed by the managers.

We will be on our way to Rapid City tomorrow morning right away, with an arrival of mid-afternoon.

Sarah for the rest

“And having food and raiment let us be therewith content” (1 Timothy 6:8).


5 thoughts on “A Little of This and That”

  1. Oh, flooding…not good @ all. I’m glad that you have yopur camera near..you never know what comes up. I was able to grab my camera yesterday (after most of a thunderstorm paused) to take a picture of a faint rainbow. It was amazing..and a reminder of God’s promise to Noah.

  2. Hello from the town with potholes. (Bow Island)
    Thank you so much for coming here and for having a conference even with Uriah falling through the road. Really, you didn’t even show your worries through your actions.
    We have really been enjoying Autumn Days already. My siblings want me to read every time we go away. They would rather strain their ears to listen to me than listen to something through the music system.
    Thank you so much Sarah.
    We were very blessed and challenged to dwell together in unity and have personal Bible time every morning.
    May God bless and protect you,
    Bow Island was memorable for us. I loved that you are having your personal Bible time every morning. Good for you!!!

  3. Oh, the Amish buggy, I would love to see one of those for real, don’t like my chances in Australia, so it’s nice to see one & share in your photo’s! Amazing what you see when you are out & about….

  4. i’m glad you have a day to relax in between your conferences. we need those days for extra time in God’s word. keep up your courage and hope all goes well for you the rest of your journey home.

  5. hey that’s neat (the picture of the horse and buggy) so i heard you’ve learned to keep your camera near you that’s neat cause i keep looking forward to your posts
    God Bless

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