God’s Hand #1

We had to piece this together, as only John was out the entire time. The rest of us were in and out, depending on our conference responsibilities. This series of posts was mainly written by Mom, with some details added by others.

To answer questions asked, this was a normal street with no signs of having any problems. Imagine the shock when this all happened. We have since found out that some of the roads in Bow Island are not in good repair. We discovered that.

God’s Hand of Protection #1

When Steve drove around the corner to back into the parking lot, he was about to back up, going very slowly, when all of a sudden he felt the bus mushing down. He thought, “oh, no” and instantly threw it in reverse and that’s when the drive axle sunk as well.

Steve turned the bus off, and then tried to get out. The door unlatched, but instantly there was the sound of grinding rock and the door wasn’t moving. He realized right away what had happened. The bus’s wheel was buried enough to put the bus door on the ground, unable to open.

The girls came out, and Sarah saw Dad and Jesse with their heads stuck out the windows. Dad told them, “We’re in trouble.” At that moment, Sarah noticed the bus leaning and the wheels sunk into the asphalt. A wave of unbelief swept over the girls as they took in the scene!

John and Joseph were upstairs setting up chairs with a man who came early to help set up. The man’s wife came in and said to her husband, “Honey, I think you need to come out and look at the bus.” The tone of her voice seemed several notches higher then normal, and they knew right away that there was a problem.

Back outside at the bus scene, Steve looked at the coordinator and said, “We are going to need big tractors to help get us out. Do you know anyone with a farm nearby?” She said she did, and went off to begin to call. Jesse handed Sarah her laptop (she had her camera already with her), and she went inside the church to post a blog post.

About that time, others were starting to show up as well. One was Reg’s sister, who lived across the street. She said her brother was a welder, and she would call him. Reg was key in our rescue operation. He got the other equipment that we needed, helped with the process, and stayed the whole time. If we have a vote, we think Bow Island ought to “Knight” him.

Many of the townspeople gathered around to watch. They all had ideas of how we should be gotten out. Jesse didn’t stay in the bus very long, but as soon as a ladder was located, he was able to climb out the back bedroom window. Steve and I stayed in the bus.

John was doing research on what towing operations were available to come out and help. He reported to Steve, and it was decided which one was best in a nearby town to come. (Auto Spa, funny name but the owner is a pro!) However, in John communicating with the towing company some more, they realized they hadn’t understood the “depth” of the situation. They were able to look at photos on the blog to be able to see what the situation looked like. It was decided that they would wait until the farm equipment arrived before the decision was made to have them come.

Talking to Dad through the window. Notice the ladder? It was our key to get things we needed for the evening, including our conference clothes.
Jesse unloading books.
Mom makes it out.
The men from the town really pitched in. Notice the 1 inch steel plate under the loader's wheel to keep it from sinking in.Â

About 6:00, I got out of the bus through the bedroom window and onto the ladder. Steve stayed on the bus.

The first equipment to arrive was an extremely large wheel loader. It was borrowed from a business. John suggested they get the forks closer together, and they said they couldn’t. They angled the loader and put one fork under the skid plates. They started to lift. Others had gotten some big timbers. The goal was to put those under the bus wheel. However, he couldn’t lift it high enough to get things underneath it. The back end of his vehicle began to go up so he had to stop.

“From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I” (Psalms 61:2).

Part #2 will come later.

6 thoughts on “God’s Hand #1”

  1. Well…sounds like work, but also something that only by God’s mercy you got the bus out!

  2. The more I read about your adventures, the more I see the hand of the Lord on your trip. He has placed the right people in your life to help with your trip. Be it people providing meals, to people there with their big rigs to help pull out Uriah. I pray that the rest of your trip will be where the Lord will continue to shine through your work. I truly enjoy reading of how He shows you that He is with you.

  3. God is *SO* good!!!!!!!
    Wow! WOW!!!!! I hadn’t been on your blog this week so I’d missed the crisis and God’s provision! What an incredible testimony of His timing and His provision! And of course, His love!
    I pray that all those townspeople continue to be blessed by the peace they saw in each of you as this all unfolded and that the families who attended will continue to be salt & light, ready to give a reason for the Hope you (and they) have!
    Praying in thanksgiving as well as asking God to continue to do what only He can do through these ministry trips. *Thank you each* for your sacrifice to bring the Word to families in real, practical, powerful ways!

  4. Thank you so much for the updates! We continue to pray and look forward to hearing more as you have time. We are already looking forward to the St. Louis conf. May God continue to bless and protect you in all do and “everywhere” you go!

  5. Please don’t take this as an offense when I say that I hope the rest of your trip is boring and uneventful! (Of course I mean the actually traveling/Uriah part of the trip, not the conferences!) Though, I know we often see the Hand of the Lord most during difficult times.

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