Over the Bridge!

We had a neat experience on Sunday after church. Dad took us to drive over an ice bridge. When driving to La Crete, we didn’t drive the bus over the ice bridge – the shortest route to La Crete and the way most of the local residents would go – due to concerns about the grade on either side of the bridge and possibly “high-centering.” We had to go the long way around which cost us an extra hour.

There was a family who graciously lent us their van while we were in La Crete, and so we were able to use the van to drive to the ice bridge to evaluate whether on the return trip home we thought we could take it with the bus. Of course when we were there, we drove over it and back although the decision was it wouldn’t be good for the bus to try it. The approach was too rough for the bus.

Driving on the ice bridge actually  didn’t seem too odd because there was snow on either side of it, so it felt as if we were driving through an ice field. We were very grateful to Dad for taking us for the drive!


The ferry used in the summer months.
The ice bridge.
Our wonderful driver!
We had the windows open for better photos, so it was a bit chilly.Â

“He giveth snow like wool: he scattereth the hoarfrost like ashes.” (Psalms 147:16)

5 thoughts on “Over the Bridge!”

  1. Great pictures! I really like the one behind the tires. We were able to visit Lvn yesterday and the nursing home and I pulled up your blog on my phone for Miss E. She really liked the Northern lights picture. She thought that was amazing!

  2. i’m glad you got to cross the ice bridge with a vehicle. it is a wonderful experience and now you know why i said it would be great for you to be able to cross it but doubted it would be a good idea with the bus. i always looked forward to crossing the bridge but had some hesitation cause i knew people tried it too late into the year and the wonder that they got it thick enough for loaded log trucks to cross always amazed me. hope the rest of your journey is as exciting as this part has been.

  3. I guess I don’t understand. Is the bridge made of ice? Is that why it is called an ice bridge? When the snow is gone, is there water like a lake? Interesting adventure.
    Yes, it’s made of ice. It is a river when the snow is melted.

  4. How long does it take to cross the bridge and how many months is it normally opened for crossing?
    It usually starts in December (maybe November?) and goes to early April. It probably took us about 5 minutes to cross.

  5. how’d you get the picture next to the tire?
    Joseph took all the pictures–he’s talented!

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