Slave Lake and Canadian Kindness

We have felt very welcome in all of the towns we’ve been in so far! Yesterday, in Slave Lake, the conference went great. The pastor at the church was very hospitable, and we were grateful for the use of the facility. We were able to park right next to the building, which made load-in easier. Our coordinators treated us to pizza and ice cream for dinner!

We’ve definitely experienced Canadian Hospitality! The family we stayed with over the weekend actually modified their shop door for us to be able to get in. It was not a small modification. We knew nothing about their work on the door until after we were there, plus they had added a 50 amp plug in the building–talk about thoughtfulness! They also provided us with amazing meals. Then, last night, instead of staying parked at the church, the coordinators found us a place we could stay at that had a plug in. It was a friend of their’s who owned a trucking and logging company! It was a wonderful place to stay, and it allowed our batteries to fully charge.


Dessert time
Setting up!
Jesse trucking books in.
The church

“Distributing to the necessity of saints; given to hospitality” (Romans 12:13).

6 thoughts on “Slave Lake and Canadian Kindness”

  1. After keeping up with all your blogs, your journey certainly has been full of adventures (some more fun than others) Isn’t it a great that God promises to never leave us comfortless?

    Praying for you daily.

  2. How wonderful! That’s great! How kind of those people to do that for you!
    We enjoy practicing hospitality! Have a blessed rest of the time on your trip!

    God bless. Rebecca K.

  3. hey i love your skirts and all 🙂 hope you are enjoying it and i will be praying for you as you go
    God Bless

  4. Great to see how your trip is going.
    The picture of the little blonde girl from the back made my look twice – it reminded me of little Abigail. And then it made me think how much you must miss your nieces / granddaughters. Strength and comfort as you keep going so far from home!

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