On our way to La Crete

A few quotes we’ve heard.

“All roads lead to La Crete.”

“You don’t pass La Crete.”

“I’m from La Crete.” (It seems almost everyone is from there!)

I took this picture as we went through a small town awhile ago. It is probably similar to a community center in the States.
This is not a snow-covered lake but rather just a field. We've seen tons of snow-covered fields today.
We're getting used to seeing bilingual signs: in English and in French.
Peace RiverÂ
It appears that the ice is breaking up a bit due to the bridge supports.

We are excited to arrive in La Crete late this afternoon!

Sarah for the rest

“By the breath of God frost is given: and the breadth of the waters is straitened” (Job 37:10).


4 thoughts on “On our way to La Crete”

  1. hey i was wondering which small town it was that you went through and saw the building that you posted. hope you are having a great drive to this wonderful town of La Crete
    I think it was McLennan maybe?

  2. Now I know why I couldn’t figure out where you had seen it. You kept highway 2 where we usually take 2A and then connect with 43 from there but either way is only about 5km difference. Have safe travelling and i’ll go finish working on juicing some carrots. 🙂

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