Red Deer

We arrived safely in Red Deer about 3:45 p.m. this afternoon. We opted to stop in Red Deer for the night at an RV park, and since we don’t have much distance left to go to Edmonton, we’ll stay here tomorrow as well, and then drive the final 130 kilometers to Edmonton Friday morning.

Snow definitely is in the area, and it feels like the middle of winter with piles of snow everywhere and fresh snow on the ground. We became slightly stuck after we had parked momentarily to check in. Hot tires melt the snow and give you a nice ice grater for each tires. After Dad got us out we didn’t want it to happen (and worse) when we park for the night. So John’s idea was to park on the chains in case we need to chain up to get out. We did that and then learned that there was only a 30 amp service at that spot. The RV park manager found one last site with 50 amps for us and so we moved. Then John repeated the exercise one more time at the new site. The heat is now on and we are just about to eat.

God bless,


A forth-coming blog post: excitement in the RV park (pictures coming soon)–something that just happened…

“Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep” (Psalms 121:4).

3 thoughts on “Red Deer”

  1. It’s so wonderful to read these constant reports of your trip, and how the Lord has been blessing your travels! 😀 With snow falling here in NJ right now, we’re feeling winter’s (last?) embrace, as well.

  2. You should print your Jesus sign in your windshield backwards so cars in front of you can read “Jesus” in their rear view mirror.

  3. We are praying that yall have a safe and amazing trip leading souls in the light. So glad to hear yall have been safe in the Lord. Thanks for taking the time to share such beautiful pictures. Hope yall can make it to VA sometime. May God continue to bless your family and your trip.

    God bless
    The M family
    We don’t have any scheduled fo VA at this point, but we go by invitation.

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