An Opportunity to Help

Late this afternoon after we had gotten settled into the RV park at Red Deer, a knock was heard on our door, and a man from the RV park asked if we had some extra chains they could use. A large RV with a toad (that means a car they pull behind) had tried to maneuver its way into its place. Sadly, they had run into a snowbank and became stuck. They tried to work their way out, but to no avail. The park management had observed our use of chains that John had used under our tires to help us get parked in the slippery conditions and then to give traction to get back out.

John suited up in his coveralls and went to see if he could help, bringing our second set of chains. After a tree was trimmed (AKA really cut back), John worked to get the chains on, which was no easy feat in the way the RV was stuck.

Not moving.
Putting chains on.
A furry, little observer

To summarize the story, John put the chains on, and then a man showed up in a pickup, and offered to help by giving a pull. So, with the combined effort of the pickup and the chains, the RV was able to back out. It was a cold, wet situation, but John had an incredible attitude.

Finally out

You just never know what might happen next–eh?


“And he said, He that shewed mercy on him. Then said Jesus unto him, Go, and do thou likewise” (Luke 10:37).

7 thoughts on “An Opportunity to Help”

  1. What a wonderful witness and help to those poor people! Our 13 year old son was impressed by John’s service and humbleness. We reminded him of how cold it is there and how numb ones fingers would get working in it! Thank you for being such an encouragement for our children. We had just been talking about grumbling!

    We continue to pray for your family. God has clearly been with you for this wintery journey. God bless you all!

  2. Oh yes, Canadian weather can be very tricky! I’m happy that John was able to help! :). I see that the Canadian(ness) is starting to rub off on you haha…eh? I ALWAYS say ” I know eh? ” I’m laughing to myself as I write this but, I can’t help it.. I’m a Canadian :).

    God Bless,


  3. So glad you all are there safely! Enjoy your rest before continued travel and enjoy that beautiful snow! Oh, how we miss it! And yes, it seems there is always some kind of excitement when we stay in RV parks! Always makes it an adventure!

  4. My My My Sarah! Great Canadian accent! 🙂 🙂

    There is snow everywhere, this past week the snow had blown across the road so badly that we got stuck while on the road! Hope you guys continue to drive safely!

  5. I can see the fruit of the Maxwell men using their time wisely to aquire skills that further God’s kingdom! Think of all the critical thinking skills and creative problem solving ideas the Lord has blessed you with as you sought to be good stewards of your time.
    Praising God for your witness and safety thus far,
    Kim C

  6. Hello Maxwell Family!

    Thanks for all of your travel updates and pictures. John, you are terrific, using your God-given talents to help your family and others!

    With love and prayers from NJ

  7. John, You are truly a gentleman and faithful servant of God. And I know Joseph and Jessie are as well. Your parents, who are fine Christian examples, have taught ALL of you the meaning of integrity.
    I hope it will be in God’s plan that we shall meet one day in the near future. 🙂
    In Christian love,
    Mrs. Jody

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