Praise the Lord!

We have arrived safely in Shelby, Montana! The only explanation for the incredible difference on the weather conditions is you all praying for us. Truly, we have “seen” the results of those prayers. After Dad looked at the Montana DOT current road condition website and forecasts for our route this morning, he said it would take a miracle to arrive at Shelby tonight. We only had that one really bad section that was ice and snow packed, that probably lasted around 30 minutes. We had light snow and wet pavement on occasion where the reported ice had melted off. There were areas with dark clouds with snow falling, but as we came to that place, there was no snow.  The forecasted snowfall amounts never happened. We are filled with gratitude to the Lord Jesus for His protection today, and we’re excited we are here.

We plan to cross the border tomorrow–yes, we’ll be leaving our country for two weeks. We will still have internet access, so we’ll keep the blog updated as we travel across the frozen North.

Thank you again for your prayers!

Sarah for the rest

“The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him” (Psalms 28:7).

12 thoughts on “Praise the Lord!”

  1. As one who has traveled extensively throughout Montana I know first hand the road conditions around Shelby. I’m thankful that you were all able to make it safely there and that as you continue to travel, may God guide you as he always does.

    In Christ…

  2. Praise God that you made it safely! Your family is in our prayers as you continue on north tomorrow!

  3. LOL, they say Canada is the country where people spend the most time on the internet 🙂

    Praying for you to get through the snow & weather.

  4. I am happy to hear that.I am keeping everybody updated at church,and it is great to give them amazing news.Great photos by the way 😀
    Thanks, Mary! It was such a blessing to be with you all last weekend.

  5. Praise the Lord! Will continue to pray for your travels! All of the outside pictures you’ve been taking are beautiful! I also like the one of you in the bus. Who took the picture? Keep warm up there in Canada!!!

    God bless! Rebecca K.
    I took the picture. 🙂

  6. Glad the prayers were answered and the “miracle” of the destination you desired happened. Thanks so much for the posting of all the pictures. For a native Florida family with very little travel it was an incredible blessing to us to watch these the last few days. Gives a insight to the beautiful part of God’s creation that we don’t experience first hand. Our prayers for your upcoming conferences will definitely continue. We are praying that God prepare the hearts of those attending to be quickened to what He desires each of them personally walk away from the conference with. I know for our family it was life changing! God Bless.

  7. I have been praying for your safety today, and am happy to hear that you made it fine. We will continue to pray that the rest of your trip will go well. May God bless and protect all of you!

  8. Hahaha! :)Frozen North! That’s good! :)I agree we are frozen up here! But not as frozen as we used to be, just 3 weeks ago the temp. was hovering around -27 C!

    Enjoy the warmer temp. of March! 🙂

  9. So glad you made it safely. I am also singing praises that Sarah has the ability to capture our Lord’s creation in pictures for us. My Daddy worked in Montana before he and Momma were married, and he always talked about how beautiful it is! It is certainly one of the places I would like to see!

  10. Montana is so beautiful! Thank you so much for posting those pictures! We will be sure to pray for you all as you continue to travel through the snow and ice. It will certainly make you appreciate the weather back home (here at the Arkansas/Missouri state line it’s 75 degrees and sunny)!

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