Excitement at Nine Thirty P.M.

After pulling into an RV park in Bakersfield last night, we were all tired, but our top priority was Bible time before bed. We find our concentration is the best when we’re not driving.

Anyway, darkness had settled, and our windows were open, to allow the cool air to drift into the bus. After reading two chapters in Malachi, we were each sharing our verse, when a startling loud bang, sounding like a small-caliber gun shot rang out. Then, as we exchanged surprised looks, the sound of air seeping from a tire hit us. Could it really be that we now had a flat tire? Although the sound was like a gun shot, Dad was sure that was not the case, so the guys hopped up and hurried from the bus. It was quickly discovered it was not any of Uriah’s tires, but rather a nearby camper’s. The RV owner had just stepped out. He began flashing his light over his tires, while the boys and Dad helped to look. The deflating tire was soon discovered on the RV. We, nor the owner, had no idea how or why his tire suddenly popped.

You never know what might happen next!


John talking with the RV owner this morning. Yes, John is in his exercise clothes, and a blog post will be forthcoming at some point on exercising on the road. We are faithfully keeping up with our lunges and pushups.

“The Lord is thy keeper: the Lord is thy shade upon thy right hand” (Psalms 121:5).


3 thoughts on “Excitement at Nine Thirty P.M.”

  1. What DID happen!? :/
    We don’t know! Apparently the man’s tire just popped!

  2. Yep! Just like Dad’s accident in autumn of ’09. Not sure how it happened.

    Praying for you all. Looking forward to seeing more pictures! It must have been nice that you had an oppurtunity to reach out to the man. Hope you are enjoying your trip.

    God bless! Rebecca K.

    We know of some people who are looking to
    your coming to St. Louis. It’s exciting. But 6 months to wait!
    Time like that seems sooooo long when you’re looking
    forward to something!

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