Driving Today

After we left Williams around noon, we headed for our next temporary stop: the Wal-Mart in Kingman, Arizona It’s amazing how many memories this area of the country holds for us. You’ll occasionally hear a, “Oh, we’ve stopped there before,” or, “That’s the hotel we stayed at.” After doing some shopping at Wal-Mart, we headed on. We were going to stop for the night at Needles, but that didn’t work out, so we continued driving. As it currently looks, we will be parking tonight in Bakersfield.


Scenery shot
Busy! 🙂 Work and session work.
Courtesy of Joseph.
Another Joseph shot.
Dad driving
Mary and I: it was an open air ride today, well, sort of. I think it was in the lower 80's, so we had our windows open.
We stopped here to eat dinner--which had been cooking all afternoon in the crockpot.
A California Sunset

“Who layeth the beams of his chambers in the waters: who maketh the clouds his chariot: who walketh upon the wings of the wind” (Psalms 104:3).


6 thoughts on “Driving Today”

  1. Love hearing about how you all travel! It’s very similar to what we do – crockpot in the motorhome, computer work while driving, etc. 😀

  2. What gorgeous scenery! Using the crockpot is such a great idea in an RV. I’ll have to remember that for our next trip.
    If you do use it in your RV, you’ll want to make sure it’s secure. We put ours in the sink, so that it doesn’t slide around or tip over!

  3. Your pictures of anything west of the Mississippi astound me. Here in New Hampshire, the only flat vista is the ocean. Oh sure, you can climb a mountain and see for miles, but it is miles of trees and other mountains that you recognize and use for navigation, like, “Hey, there’s Mount Washington, so we’re like 45 minutes from Waterville Valley” or “I see something flat and shiny, must be the river.” Where you are driving, it must be like, “Hey, there’s a mountain! Must be three states away!” It truly boggles the mind. Thank you for sharing! I am traveling in spirit.

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