Pictures and Conference Report

Friday afternoon, as we neared our destination in Choctaw, we noticed billowing plumes of smoke. When we came to the church, we realized one of the fires wasn’t far. The afternoon progressed, and the wildfire came within a mile of the church, continuing a direct course toward us, and the air became hazy and ash pieces floated by. We prayed and continued with set up. Around 5:30, the wind died down, and the imminent approach of the smoke decreased. The next morning, the sky was clear. Our hearts were burdened for those who lost their homes (3 in all with that particular fire).

The weekend held several unique challenges, including the fire, but the Lord gave grace and strength for everything. Time went quickly, as each session was filled with sharing what the Lord has laid on our hearts. In between sessions and after the conference, we were blessed by many great encouraging conversations. It was obvious the Lord was working in hearts!

We’re looking forward to Lodi this weekend!

Quite a few of the pictures below Dave took. Thank you!

Sarah for the rest

Joseph took this picture.
Here Anna is, and she was ready for evacuation (with her fiddle of course).
Sarah and Liz
Uriah, amidst the sunset
Mary and Liz
Simple Faith
Dad sharing
Anna, Liz, Sarah
Hanging on to his Daddy's leg!
The Unity Session
Mom sharing
Opening the door?
Anna and Mary
Jesse loading out--usually John is in charge of that part, but John was busy.
Packing up!
A family took us out to dinner.
Our conference coordinators--thank you for all you did!

“And the Lord shall guide thee continually…” (Isaiah 58:11).

6 thoughts on “Pictures and Conference Report”

  1. I am so glad to have gotten to meet you, and I enjoyed your conference so much! It seems I am behind the curve, but I was encouraged by Steve telling us that it is never too late, and while I do have good kids whom have accepted the Lord and strive to do a good job, there is still room for improvement…first and foremost starting a family Bible/prayer time and encouraging them to do the same personally. Thank you so much for your ministry and the time you put into each conference and the obvious love you have for our Lord!

    In Christ,


  2. Just curious. What is the green ball on the ground during unloading? 🙂
    It’s something we use for exercise.

  3. Thank you for sharing the pictures. The girls’ outfits are so pretty! I especially like the picture of Anna and Mary. Continuing to pray for your travels. Looking forward to more pictures.

    God bless! Rebecca K.

  4. I just did a blog post of my own before reading you post about the fire… Once again we can give thanks to God…. Psalm 121 certainly fits in your situation too! safe travels!

  5. I was wondering about the conference and the wildfires. We were unable to attend. Here in Oklahoma wildfires seem to be a given these days. At times it feels like the beginning of the bust bowl again.

    I’m so glad you were able to continue with the weekend. I know many hearts were touched.

    Safe travels and many blessings.

  6. Great pictures – – thank you for sharing! 🙂 Continued prayers as you travel and minister to others.
    Hugs from Georgia, Patti M.

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