60 Hours and Counting

60 may seem like a lot, but I’m confident time will continue to fly by at a quick rate! Progress is being made on our “to do” lists, but there’s still much to do. We are extremely blessed to have friends from out of state, Dave and Liz, helping us for several days, before coming to the Oklahoma City conference with us.

Thank you for praying for us. We are so grateful for your prayers as we prepare for this trip!

Sarah for the rest

Chore book time! We needed to compile some more Chore books.
Lots of great help!
Anna and Liz--working on audios! Not only do we prepare audios for the road, but we also leave audios with the family who ships our website orders for us.
Stacks of audio supplies.
Feed My Sheep
Mom helped out with shipping today again.
Sarah and Liz

“I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye” (Psalms 32:8).

5 thoughts on “60 Hours and Counting”

  1. It looks like a very busy & bustling time at your home. Praying for you from ‘Down Under’! God bless & we look forward to seeing what happens on your trip.

  2. Praying for your trip! Can’t wait to see photos of you on the road and conferences.

    God bless! Rebecca K.

    ”In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:6

  3. Praying for safe travels. I love your “on the road” conference pictures! Many blessings to your family during this busy time.

    Sharon B.

  4. I hope it’s okay to ask this, my family and I love reading the blog and we’ve noticed a few new people in the pictures and also at the conference this past weekend. Who are Dave and Liz?
    Friends of ours.

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