Titus2 New Resources Announcement

We are thrilled to announce…


To order, or for more information, including sample clips from each song, please click the image above or see this link.

Please click the image above to order or for more information, or see this link.

The excitement is high around here; an amazing amount of hours have been put in on both projects, and we’re happy that they are completed!

Sarah for the family

“The labour of the righteous tendeth to life…” (Proverbs 10:16).

21 thoughts on “Titus2 New Resources Announcement”

  1. Congrats! I know how much work your family has put into both the book and cd. God Bless <

  2. YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!!! Unfortunately, right now our computer’s sound system isn’t working, so we can’t listen to the songs. But, it’ll make us look forward to the CD even more! Can’t wait to hear it!
    Can’t wait to read Autumn Days either!

    Praying about your trip! Hope you have a blessed rest of the week!!!!

    God bless! Rebecca K.

    ”Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established.” Proverbs 16:3

  3. How exciting for you all! The music clips sound wonderful- great job!!! To God be the Glory, Great Things He Has Done!!!

  4. Oh how wonderful! The cover is wonderful, and the CD sounds awesome! I can’t wait to put my order in-right in time for my birthday! Thank you Maxwell family, your encouragement is such a blessing in my life!

  5. Dear Maxwell Family ~

    I just finished listening to the snippets of your CD. Praise the Lord for your music. It was just lovely…can’t wait to listen to the entire CD.

  6. This is so exciting for your family! Will you have these available at your conferences? Like the Oklahoma City one coming up?
    Yes, we will have everything with us on the trip :-).

  7. How very cool. You really got that couuuuntry thing going. Sounds like you live in Alabama. 🙂 Save one for me to buy when I come. I’ll fly away…..

  8. Hey Sarah, I love the cover on the book. Save on of those for me too. Love you, sweetheart. And for all other readers, she does have a sweet, sweet heart.

  9. We just ordered the new moody book. We cant wait to get it. We bought all the others last year and read them very quickly to our 4yr old. He is so excited to get the new one. It is so hard to find good books that meet our standards. We are so thankful for your books Sarah. We love to read and wish there were more books out there. If you have any suggestions for books like yours that we could read to our 4 year old we would appreciate it. He loves learning to read the bible and being read the moody books.
    God bless

  10. I love the Moody Family Series.

    I have the whole set of Moody Family Series as soon as you put them out I get them.

    The books are very encouraging.

  11. We ordered both products and chose Priority Mail because we can’t wait to receive them! I even found them in the shopping cart before you made the blog announcement and ordered them! Every one of your products is top-notch and I am sure these are too.

  12. I was listening to the audio clips and I was just wondering whose beautiful voices are singing lead on the songs? I know from your bios who plays what instrument but I was not sure who was blessed with the singing voices.
    Joseph, Anna

  13. I ordered my copy of the CD today. Can’t wait to have something wholesome and good to listen to in the car. Even the Christian music stations in my area advertise inappropriate material. Makes listening not fun.

  14. We are so excited to receive both of these! Did Steve do any of the vocals (other than background)?

    Yes, he did lead on 2.

  15. We purchased the cd for our daughter at the conference – we all love it. She wanted to listen to it all the way home! Such wonderful music.
    Thanks for sharing! We’re so glad you’re enjoying it!

  16. OH MY GOODNESS! THEY ARE FINALLY HERE! Thanks for making them.
    Sarah, I am SO SO anxious to read Autumn; it’s my next book to read. I saw the table of contents that you have up for people to read, and it just made me want to read them even more! I also saw a sample of the book; so so funny!

  17. My book and CD came in the mail today! I am one happy lady!
    Smile. Thanks for sharing!

  18. My daughter (who was a struggling reader until she began reading your books) will be thrilled to find there is a new book out! But she will have to wait untill her birthday to read it!

    Thank you for all the work you put into your families products. They have been a true god-send for our family of 9.

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