Ft. Smith – The First of Seven

We had originally planned on leaving Leavenworth Thursday morning, but at the last minute, we had decided on Wednesday at lunchtime. We are grateful for having left early as a winter storm blew through the area Thursday, dumping over 8 inches of snow. We were all happy to have missed the storm and enjoyed the warmer temperatures in Arkansas.

Ft. Smith was the first of seven weekend conferences for us, with a week break between Ft. Smith and Oklahoma City. We had been lifting up the conference in prayer for weeks ahead of time, and we weren’t disappointed. The Lord brought many families, including one, who had had car trouble and lived five hours away, but they had decided to rent a vehicle so they could attend! Another family had been set to go OKC last year, but due to circumstances beyond their control, weren’t able to, and they were excited to come to Ft. Smith. The coordinator, and her friend who helped, had attended a conference we did in Ft. Smith eight years ago. They did an incredible job, and the conference ran so smoothly. Hearts appear to have been encouraged in the Lord Jesus from the feedback we received. We pray lives will never be the same!

P.S. Autumn Days didn’t make it from the printer’s Monday, but they are expected this afternoon! The CDs will also be in today. We’ll be posting as soon as both items are in.

Music--I love my family!
Jesse, sharing his testimony
Dad and Mom giving Building a Vision
Joseph and John gave two sessions together.
Anna talking to the girls
Taking notes....
John talking with a UPS driver.
We love to meet new people!
Looks like a little caffeine was in order for this dad!
Listening to one of Mom's sessions...
Dad giving Courtship.
I saw these cute girls talking about the book tables, and they were going over the Schools book, which has a picture of each of us children in different grades.
My two wonderful sisters.
Mrs. G and her husband came to the Wisconsin state convention, and it was a joy to see them again.

“And he said unto them, I must preach the kingdom of God to other cities also: for therefore am I sen” (Luke 4:43).


6 thoughts on “Ft. Smith – The First of Seven”

  1. When you all are here in OKC, will your books be available for purchase? I mentioned to Mr. Maxwell in an email that I would like to purchase a few of them, but if I can get them at the conference, I will wait.

    As always, I enjoy reading about your adventures and your ministry. I also enjoyed reading that the newlyweds are doing well and are happy. The newest Mrs. Maxwell has such a pretty smile, and it is so wonderful to see her wearing it as it is a direct reflection of her sweet countenance.
    We normally set up a book table except on Sundays.

  2. We were so blessed by this conference! The music CD is wonderful – we listened to it on the way home. We are all looking forward to the next book, too.
    Your family is such an inspiration and these conferences are so worth the time. We’re glad we didn’t let car troubles stop us. It was also fun to find out you used to live near here.
    I pray the Lord continues to bless your family and your ministry.

  3. Great pictures, Sarah! I love that you guys take pictures so that we can see different places and your conferences without leaving our homes! Thanks!

  4. Are your conferences and music available on CDs?
    Some of the newer workshops aren’t on CD yet. It will take awhile.

  5. Hi, Anna looks so happy, comfortable and confident in front of the young women! I wonder if her talks could be put into a book or booklet? We are too far away to attend a conference, as much as we would like to! But we are interested in what she has to say. Thank you!
    Our goal is to have all the youth sessions in an album.

  6. This conference was amazing, our family was so encouraged! We cannot wait for the Maxwells to speak in Arkansas again!

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