Please pray!

We were all set to leave, when a seal leak was discovered on the bus. It has to be fixed before we can leave. Would you please join us in praying that the Lord would give John the wisdom to do this in a quick amount of time? We are so grateful for you standing with us in prayer!

Update: hubcap is off, but need a bigger wrench to get to the seal. Then, we need to see if we have a seal that will work or if we need to locate a part (which Dad has been trying to do). Please keep praying: we fully trust in the LORD!

Update 2:05 p.m.: Mechanic is hopefully on his way to pull the final parts. After that, we will try the seal we have, or have to go find one. Please keep praying!

Update 2:41 p.m.: Seal is off, part found in KC. Nathan is in KC and is driving to pick it up and get it back to us. Praise the Lord! Mechanic will come back to help put it on and finish it up. Will update when we get on the road.

Sarah for the rest

“But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).

7 thoughts on “Please pray!”

  1. Praying!!!

    Lord, I pray that even now you would give John the wisdom to know how to fix this leak very quickly and help the others to be of help getting the bus working once more. Help things to go smoothly and for there to be no more issues with this. I pray for safety as the Maxwell’s start off on this trip that you would keep them safely in Your hands and allow them to arrive at their destination on time. Lord, thank you that You have promised to be there for us in difficult times, and that You will always provide for your children.


    Miss Rachel~

  2. It is quite a blessing to me to “see” the constancy, and the instant reaction, of your family in prayer! Thank you.

    Praying for the good that may be accomplished through this delay, and that all would be well in enough time. Also that your time at this conference, and your messages, would be especially beneficial to all.

  3. Well, the Lord’s ways are not our ways, nor is His timing our timing. His timing is always perfect. Will definitely pray for you. Hope you can get on the road soon.

    God bless! Rebecca K.

  4. Praying that all will be fixed soon and your trip will not be hampered with any more bus problems.

  5. Oh dear…I was just thinking earlier today how nice it was that y’all were getting on the road without any major crises to report. I guess next time I happen to think that, I might better pray for you instead!

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