February 1st – Fitness Post

Kansas City is weathering what may prove to be the biggest winter storm we’ve seen in decades. What a great day to be indoors doing pushups! Today is official start day.
If you’re following the levels, here is what today’s numbers looks like:

Level 1 – 3
Level 2 – 5
Level 3 – 10

I thought yesterday was Feb. 1st so I get the benefit of doing the same number twice.
On an unrelated note I’m enjoying getting to interact with you on a slightly more casual level. Maybe casual isn’t the right word, less traumatic? When Dad asked if I would like to spear-head this, I was happy to. Typically when I’m writing posts, it is due to trauma or concerns in my family’s (meaning Melanie, the girls, and I) life. Getting to put blog posts up that I can write without tears in my eyes or great concern is wonderful!
I’m looking forward to the numbers going up. Remember, please don’t push to the point where you hurt yourself. The above levels are recommendations and designed to fit as many people as possible. As with hats, the “one size fits all” phrase has been replaced by, “One size fits most.” If the numbers, especially as they increase, aren’t a good fit for you, please adjust accordingly.

“The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower” (Psalms 18:1-2).

4 thoughts on “February 1st – Fitness Post”

  1. Winter eh? Up here we are also getting a good dose of it. -48 windchill……. hope you guys can remain safe and warm through the winter storm.

    So glad that you started this challange, I’m really enjoying the motivation to get going on physical fitness.


  2. So using myself as an example, I was at 10 yesterday so that would be a level 2, so today I add 5 more to that? Then tomorrow 5 more to that? I was able to add one today but no way 5. I have a feeling I may be reading this wrong (or at least hoping so!) We made up the graph for our family yesterday and have chosen to all do push-ups right before we begin Bible time, as we are all gathered together in the family room then.
    Oh my… no. That would be so difficult, and very unlikely to accomplish. The first pushups you did were to determine what Level you were in. Then you look to the table to find out the number you start with. Level 1 started with 3, Level 2, with 5 and Level 3 with 10. Then you add to that initial number based on the table. Again, if you were to write it on the calendar it should be more clear.

    You and Allen are both in the level 2 (you were able to do 10 the first time and he did 20). That means you add one more to the starting number “5” every day (except Sunday) which doesn’t count. So today you both did 6 and tomorrow (the 3rd) 7 and Friday you will both do 8. If that is too much for you, you could always fall back to Level 1 and that means you start at 3 and increment every other day. Level 1 first day was 3 (Feb. 1st) and today was 3. Tomorrow, (Thurs.) the 3rd you would bump up to 4. Then Friday would be 4 as well.

    I think we will likely do a post on a fairly frequent basis with the number of pushups for that day, just to help people stay on track.

    I hope that helps explain a bit better.

  3. Yes, we are blanketed with snow here!!!!!!!!! Annah and I have been doing pushups. Actually, she can do more of them than I can!!!!!!

    God bless! Rebecca K.

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