Pushup Challenge Question

We received this as a question:

“What do I do if I can’t even do 1 beginner pushup? I know that sounds pathetic, but I really tried and I guess I just don’t have much arm strength.. I know I need this exercise, and my husband thought it’d be a nice way for us to begin family exercise, but I am unsure how to start.”


Good question. It’s not pathetic at all. Arm/shoulder strength isn’t a given in anyone; and there are probably more people in your boat than you realize.

To make pushups easier we need to minimize gravity. It’s not as hard as it sounds. Here are some options:

Try in front of your stairs. Stand or kneel (depending on ability), and then lay against the stairs. Put your hands on the stair that hits just below your shoulders and try a pushup.

Or, stand upright in front of a wall. Move your feet back 2-4′ depending on your ability. It will be more difficult the farther you stand from the wall. Keep your body straight, lean forward to where your forehead touches the wall, and push back. You might want to mark the floor where you will be standing each time.

Any other questions?

God bless,


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3 thoughts on “Pushup Challenge Question”

  1. So glad someone was willing to post that question! No, you are not the only one in that boat! : )

  2. Thank you for the alternatives, Nathan. They will help me to get started. I can do a few of the traditional push-ups, but I can do more of the wall ones to get my strength up. So far, I am up to 10.

    On an unrelated note, I do not know if your area will receive the winter storm approaching us here in Oklahoma City, but if you do, I pray that you all stay warm and safe. The Lord just brought your family to me as those to pray for during this bad weather, so the kids and I will certainly do that.

    Thank you for the prayers as we have to go back to the studio Tuesday and Wednesday nights. That is when the storm is to be bad. This is the third time during major snowfalls we have that trip scheduled.

  3. We were also in that situation, and looked online and found the step thing. It really is helpful! And to do “real” pushups, you work your way down the stairs as your strength builds.

    Our family will also be praying for your travel in the coming storm.

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