“She’s Not Heavy, She’s My Daughter”

Some of the guys have been doing a push-up challenge, which means they have a certain number of push-ups they do each day (increasing by the day, beginning December 1st and going to December 31st). Recently, Nathan had one last set of fifteen to do, when a delighted Abby asked for a “ride.” Even though Nathan was worn out, he happily agreed to let his little girl on for a “ride” if she would hold on tight. We thought it was so precious, we (Sarah) did a little photo session of the “push up ride” with a daddy and his little girl.


“Aunt Mary, is your daddy going to help you too?” This was the question posed after Abby was told that Aunt Mary was going to make a gingerbread house.

The background to the story is that Nathan makes it a priority to spend time with Abby, and he’s quite creative with how he does this. Last week, they had a special father/daughter time making a gingerbread house. So, when Aunt Mary said she was going to put a gingerbread house together, Abby naturally wanted to know if Aunt Mary’s daddy was going to help her.

We have loved to see the priority Nathan makes in spending time with his family. His work schedule can be demanding at times, so that means it just has to have a special emphasis to make time with the family happen. One way he does this is taking Abby on as many errands as he can. He also makes pancakes with his little girl every Saturday morning. They are pretty cute together for sure.

Dads and Moms, are you allowing the busyness of the season to crowd out spending precious time with your children? Even a small thing such as making a gingerbread house can create wonderful memories that your children will remember for years.

All of us children have fond memories of special things we do each Christmas season, and it’s such a joy to celebrate together!

Merry Christmas!


“Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this” (Isaiah 9:7).

12 thoughts on ““She’s Not Heavy, She’s My Daughter””

  1. Thank you for the precious reminder of making family time a priority. Abby and Bethany are blessed to have a Daddy who spends intentional time with them!

    Something in the background of one of the pictures caught my eye – the Little People nativity set. My 8 and 6 year olds STILL play with ours every day during Christmas time. We pray that Abby, Bethany, and any future siblings will never outgrow the wonder of the Christmas story!

  2. That is so cute! The gingerbread house is very cute, and I’m amazed at how well it turned out! I can tell you that my 4 year old brother ( Abby’s younger, right?) couldn’t do it that neat..even with help!

  3. Christmas as a child for myself and my husband was quite painful and not a very happy time. Because of that we do make it a point to spend time with our children and make the most of all our moments together. During this season and the year round. We have them on loan from the Lord for so little time, now is the time to make that difference in their lifes.

    Blessings to all your family. You are truly a witness to His goodness!

  4. That’s so wonderful and sweet! I like to go on errands with Dad or Mom for two reasons. First, I really like to go places. And next, we get to talk together!

    God bless! Rebecca K.

    Lord willing, I’ll say merry Christmas closer to Christmas!

  5. Abby and Dad’s pictures are so cute! (reminds me of when our daughter was small and would beg her dad for a ride in the wheelbarrow, lol) Merry Christmas to the Maxwells!

    Karen N.

  6. After meeting Nathan and Abby in person it was obvious how close they are. The love shining through their eyes when they are together was heartwarming. Very special.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

  7. A precious post of a daughter and a dad! I had to laugh at the brothers here because my older sons are doing the same thing (they are 12 and 10) with the push-ups although they got me into them and won’t even let me do girl pushups! I am up to 8 (5 was my goal by Christmas)… my sons are doing way better than me, but I am OK with that 🙂


  9. I love checking out your family blog–I try to each week. You all are a blessing to me. You’ve given me some really good ideas and have reminded me, at times, of what really matters. Thanks!

  10. I am sorry I am late in making a comment/asking a questions about this post. We have been busy with Christmas. We have applied many of your ideas to our family with such wonderful results. Thank you, God. How can we continue to find ways to challenge our sons? We want them to spend their time in ways that honor the Lord. My son was doing his workout program as I was reading this post. They do their schoolwork, chores and we have given them challenging projects to work on and we are praying that the Lord would lead us to more of these projects. We are also working at a food pantry. We still have free time in the evening and are asking the Lord how best to fill this time. Do you cover this in one of your books? Would the Maxwell men be willing to post thier push-up challenge on line for some of the other teen boys to try! Thanks for your time. Deana
    Hi Deana,

    Have you read Preparing Sons to Provide for a Single Income? That should have what you are looking for. Our children have way too many good things to do for the little time available.

    God bless.


  11. This was such a blessing to read. I did a gingerbread house with my children this Christmas, and it was a mess!! But, the children loved it and that’s what’s important. Your family and your ministry is such a blessing. Thank you!! Just one question though, how did you get the icing on the house and make it look that good?? lol
    It was a kit, so the icing was just with the kit :-).


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