A Peek Into Our Sunday Morning Service

We served communion this morning, and before the service, Leah helped with preparing the cups (Thanks, Leah, and do you remember how it was hard to get the juice out? Well, I guess I had a “Sarah” moment. When I cleaned it out when I got home, I saw the straw was not in the bottle–that’s why we had a harder time!).

Singing time (and Abby/Mommy time).

We have some special song books designed for nursing home, so they have a larger print then normal. We generally sing through the hymnbook in order, since it’s not a thick book, it takes us a few months to go through it completely. But, today, we opted for some Christmas songs.

Daddy and “B” time–Bethany has acid reflux, so she does best being held upright and often walking helps too.

After singing several hymns, we move on to prayer time. Today, John leads it.

A special music, by most of the young people in our church.

Christopher preached, and then we had communion.

Mrs. B. and Leah.

Leah sits next to Mrs. B. (a widow, her husband used to live at the nursing home) every Sunday, which just delights Mrs. B’s heart.

We will greatly miss the R. family, who will be moving to another city this week. We have been so blessed by them this past year–I’ll never forget receiving an e-mail from them, inquiring about church, last December. They came for the first time on Christmas Day, and we’ve been enjoying them ever since. We’ll miss ya’ll. They were also the family who set up Live Stream for our nursing home friends on wedding day.

Sarah for the rest

“The Lord preserveth the strangers; he relieveth the fatherless and widow:
but the way of the wicked he turneth upside down” (Psalms 146:9).

6 thoughts on “A Peek Into Our Sunday Morning Service”

  1. I missed being there today! šŸ™ it was nice to see how the day went though! My heart was with all of you this morning!
    Missed you to, Kristina! šŸ™‚

  2. It was so nice to read about your special ministry. I was truly blessed and encouraged by it. I hope you and your family will have a wonderful week!

  3. What a blessing it must be to the people there, who know that you care for them, and their Heavenly Father more!

  4. We attend a very small church, with no age-segregation, youth groups etc. It is encouraging when other families come for a time. You do notice it alot when they leave too…..The road is narrow which leads to life & not many want to tread there. Our family envisions doing something similar to what your family is doing, with ministering to the elderly folks, as the LORD leads & opens the doors to do so. May Jesus continue to strengthen each one of us in the areas in which we are serving. Hope that Autumn Days writing is progressing well. LORD bless you.

  5. I was interested to see that Bethany has reflux – my latest baby, who is now 7 months (time flies!), I think had reflux. I bought a Moby wrap to carry him around in, which made him sooooo much happier! It’s funny how you can get to number 6 (for me), and have a baby who is so different from the others. By the way – my girls are Bethany Grace, Susanna Joy and Abigail Faith. If we are blessed with another girl at some point she will be Sarah Hope…seeing a similarity?….lol Mine are 7, 3 and 2. We also have 3 boys who are 9, 5 and 7 months. God bless you all. x

  6. I never noticed Bethany’s headful of dark hair! Did she have a lot of hair as a newborn, or did that just start growing fast lately?
    She had a lot of dark hair when she was born. I love it!

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