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Have you ever wondered who ships out Titus2.com orders when we’re on the road? It’s been an amazing journey. For a number of years, before the Lord gave Nathan and Melanie little ones, Melanie shipped for us. We were so grateful. Then, in September of 2008, my grandparents graciously agreed to ship for us, and they truly loved it. It was a joy for my grandma to pack the order and pray over each one as she shipped it. As most of you know, my grandparents were involved in a car accident last June. We had an upcoming trip, and we were going to figure out how to ship on the road, when my grandma was very emphatic that she still wanted to. So, with a bit of help from Melanie, she somehow managed to ship during those 5 weeks we were gone. Grandma and Grandad, THANK YOU for your enthusiasm and serving in this way.

After that, we all agreed it was too much for my grandma with her health status, and we began praying. Should we begin to pull a trailer behind the bus and ship on the road? What were we to do? The Lord prompted my dad to contact another family who lives near us to see if their girls would be willing to ship from their home. Their answer? YES!

So, since January of this year, the sweet C. family has been graciously shipping. Over the last few trips, it’s been mainly Kristina who has shipped. The C. family tells us they love to ship and in fact miss it when we’re home and doing it ourselves. We are extremely grateful to them for being willing to sacrifice the time to take care of the orders while we’re away.

Kristina also came along Tuesday evening to help with our photo shoot. No more of Joseph or Christopher running back to the camera, clicking the button and racing to get in position. She helped immensely. Thanks, Kristina! More pictures to follow from that shoot.


Left to right: Abby, Anna, Sarah, Kristina, and Mary

“Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9:7).

17 thoughts on “Titus2 Shipping”

  1. How sweet! Abby’s little matching dress is too cute.
    Anna made it! I thought it was VERY cute too :-).

  2. How kind of the C. family to do that for you!

    What a beautiful picture of you all! And your red jumpers are one of my top favorites on you ladies! The background looks for perfect for your color choices.

    Can’t wait to see more pictures! It’s so nice that Abby can match you now too! I bet she’s really happy about that!

    God bless! Rebecca K.

  3. Praise the Lord for answering the prayers of your family and providing someone to take care of the shipping. Thank you to Nathan, Melanie, Granddad and Grandma for all of their help over the past years. Thank you to the C family for their help this year. It truly is a blessing for y’all, I am sure of that. 🙂 May the Lord continue to bless your family as you have blessed so many others!!!

  4. What a tremendous blessing good, Godly friends are!
    I love how all the Maxwell girls have matching outfits….Abby’s is adorable!

  5. Anyone that knows your family, knows that it is indeed my pleasure to be able to help you and your family in anyway needed. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help. 🙂
    You are a blessing, Kristina! Sarah

  6. Kristina looks like she could be your sister! I’m so glad that she and her family have filled this need! The Lord is so good to provide as we seek Him. I too love your jumpers! All 5 of you have such beautiful smiles! You are in my thoughts and prayers often!

  7. The fabric looks great! Well worth the trip for Mr. Maxwell to go pick it up! 🙂 We can’t wait to see the pictures.

  8. The red jumpers are beautiful! We look forward to seeing more pictures! So glad God provided for your shipping needs!

    Happy Thanksgiving, a little early! We certainly thank God for having our paths cross with yours last May in Edison.

    With love from NJ

  9. Hi Maxwell Family,
    I am so glad you were able to find someone to ship for you while you are on the road. Your ministry is such a blessing to others. I look forward to when we get back stateside and can attend one of your conferences. Also, I LOVE the fabric choice for your dresses! I am sure your pictures turned out great!
    Sarah L.

  10. LOVE the fabric! Love love love – must get some of that fabric and make something out of it! (says I, the one who doesn’t sew!).

  11. I was the recipient of one of Kristina’s mailings not too long ago. I appreceiated the quick mailing of my order when the Maxwells were on the road, thank you Kristina! I love the fabric of the jumpers too, very pretty!


  12. Kristina! I guessed it was you when Sarah mentioned the sweet C. family, photography AND Kristina with a “K”! I’m sure the Maxwell family knows that your mother is a big fan of theirs – what a blessing for all of you to know each other. I am amazed that you are close to their ministry. What a wonder! With love from a big fan of YOUR family, Mrs. R. (from Korea 2005)

  13. Mrs. R, you are too sweet! How clever of you to figure out it was me. 🙂 Yes, we actually knew the Maxwell family when we lived here 14+ years ago. I was much younger then.. so really Mom and Dad knew them. 🙂 It has been great to get to know them and help out. They are very sweet people, and it has truly been a blessing to help them in any way we can. Say hello to your family for me!

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