17 thoughts on “Christopher and Anna Marie Maxwell’s Wedding Pictures: #10”

  1. These are so beautiful! We have really enjoyed being able to see the wedding and all of the photos. Thank you Christopher and Anna!!

  2. Wow! Great pictures! I really like the first distant one of them under the umbrella, looking at each other, stretching their arms out, and the hugging before the last picture. Oh, and the one of them under the veil too!

    Wonderful pictures!!!!!!!!

    God bless! Rebecca K.

  3. Speaking as a photographer, I can honestly say that Joseph has talent! Great job!

    (I also have to say that when I was watching the wedding on my computer, I found myself watching the Joseph more than the wedding!)


  4. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your big day with all of us…people you don’t even know. I have so looked forward to seeing the pictures.

    What great photography too!!

  5. They are great. Joseph really has a talent at taking pictures! Beautiful. Where do these pictures take place?

    At a park not too far from the church the wedding was at.

  6. These are lovely photos! And what a beautiful day here in Western Washington! What’s really cool is that the weather got very sunny a day or two after their wedding so hopefully they enjoyed being outdoors here even more than on their wedding day! And, you know, there’s just something very beautiful about an umbrella!

    Hope they have arrived safely to their new home together and we certainly look forward to photos of their new life together.

    Congratulations again, Christopher and Anna!

  7. I finally got to a computer where I could see all the wedding pictures. Very nice. I love the wedding colors–my favorite! Everything was very pretty. Congratulations and blessings!

  8. WOW!!! More wonderful pictures! Thank you so much for sharing, and again a big THANK YOU to Joseph for sharing his photography talent–a true gift from God! 🙂
    Blessings from Georgia, Patti M. 🙂

  9. I’ve enjoyed looking through the photographs. I’m so happy for the new couple, and send them my congratulations!

    Blessings, Amelia from Oregon

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