5 Year Old’s Enthusiasm

From a recently e-mail: “I wanted to send this sweet picture of out oldest, Audrey, wearing her chore pack the first week and getting ready to unload the dishwasher. She RAVED about how she loved the chore pack because it reminded her of everything she needed to do in the morning instead of her forgetting things that needed to get done. We’ve loved the system so far! Thank you for creating it.”

“Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men” (Proverbs 22:29).

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  1. Aww, how darling! šŸ™‚ That is so sweet. šŸ™‚ That is nice that she is enjoying using her chore pack. šŸ™‚

    ~Miss Rachel~

  2. OK, this was the inspiration I needed to go ahead and ORDER the chore packs. I’ve thought several times about how much they could help my children, who are very willing to help around the house, but sometimes get distracted. I thought just this week about how I need a system to help them not to “forget” what they are supposed to do……and then I saw your blog post.

    Thank you for all you do to support Christian homeschooling families! And thank you for sharing practical ways to model the character qualities we all want to instill and develop in our children.

  3. Might I add a word of encouragement also – ChorePacks, have really helped our willing helpers to stay on track & to know what they are up to with their responsibilities. It helps me to know where everyone is up to & get everyone on the right track if they have slipped off! Our almost 10 y.o still every now & then refers to her ChorePack even though she knows her routine by rote now! A really helpful creation indeed!! Thank you.

  4. We started the chorepack a month ago and it has been WONDERFUL, my kids truly do love it! We will never do chores the old way again!


  5. We’ve used ChorePacks for over a year now. I have to chime in that this is a wonderful, effective program for all ages.
    It is important to understand the underlying concepts, which are laid out beautifully in the book. Implementing the program does take prayer and patience, but that’s not such a bad thing, right?

  6. I agree. What a cute little gal and good helper! We have been using Chorepacks since Aug. This is our first time having a truly “systematic” system! I only wish I had started this or something like it sooner like the mom of the little girl at the dishwasher. My children are 15, 10, 10 and 7. While we’ve had them doing chores before, we lacked consistency and acoountability. Also, I just read Teri’s “Corner” for Jan. I would agree that homemaker is a high calling. I am a master’s prepared nurse and left an advance practice position to be at home and homeschooling. I only wish I’d had better preparation/education for my current job! Blessings, Barbara

  7. I think it is awesome to see a young lady excited about chores! Just wanted to comment about January’s “corner” — I’ve never wanted to be anything but Holly Homemaker and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! We have been blessed with 5 very precious children and I wouldn’t trade the opportunity to be home with them for any career, notoriety, or amount of money in the world. As Barbara said, I also wish I had better prep/education for my current job and am doing my best to teach my girls the blessings of being a godly wife and mother!! Thank you for the resources you have made available to those of us who need them!

  8. I am about to start using the chore packs for the first time, and I am already so excited about using them. I know they are going to free me from having to constantly remind, nag, and repeat instructions. Doesn’t everyone desire children who have a sweet, happy spirit when it comes to chores or life in general? When does one become trained to manage a home, or have a good work ethic, in future life, if it doesn’t begin at a young age in the home? Certainly, you won’t be able to get your teenagers to complete basic chores without the inevitable clash of wills, if they are not trained when they are young and so happy and eager to “help”. I am a trained teacher who has tried both ways – being a home school mum and a full time at work mum. Let me tell you, that it was a complete disaster when I worked (paid) for our family. Truly the work of a home school mum is like running that race, in the precious hope that one day, we will have the joy of presenting our children to Jesus, and watching Him place that beautiful crown of life on their heads. I can’t think of anything I would rather do than show my children how to have the servant’s heart of Jesus.

  9. I found this post via reading this month’s “Mom’s Corner.” My heart hurts for the author of the negative response to this darling picture. Doing chores is only a fraction of motherhood . . . and I used to do chores when I was in college, and when I was a young single adult, and early in my marriage when I worked outside the home, and I am sure I will still do chores when my children are grown and have their own homes. Housework is simply a necessary component of life no matter who you are or what kind of home you live in; we might as well learn early to be good workers, organized, and how to serve with joyful spirits.

    (P.S. My children and I enjoy our chorepacks, too.)

  10. Like Anaise, I just read the e-mail and was so saddened by the opinion and so glad it wasn’t posted. You put great thought into your response. ChorePacks are a blessing for our family and many others. My sons are learning about the running of a home and integrity and diligence to name just a few wonderful character traits.

  11. What a sweetie! Our children not only enjoy pleasing their family, but also feel good about contributing to our family! They know they’re needed, and that our family wouldn’t be the same without them! Recently, I’ve been kicked out of the breakfast kitchen and my 8, 10, and 12 year old take turns making it. They love doing it! They plan and cook breakfast and it blesses all of us as we ooh and ahh over whatever the meal is.

    I, too, left a career to be home, but it wasn’t until I left my baby to go back to work. Eight months later I came home and had to learn to cook, clean, and raise a child. I had no idea what I was doing even though I had a college degree and a growing career! I remember cracking open the cookbook and thinking, “Ok…how to cook brown rice…”

    I LOVE being a “Holly Homemaker”!!! It’s been challenging at times but the rewards have been FULL!! I do pray that women who look down upon such things will stop and consider the wondrous works of God in ladies such as myself. I am joyfully blessed, and so are my cheerful chore-doing children :)))))

    Keri Mae

  12. I feel like I should send some pics of my three sons with their chorepacks. Even my 14 year old can appreciate me not nagging to get things done. We are due with number 5 soon. we have been using chorepacks for a year now and they are awesome.

  13. She looks like such a sweet child! I have been looking for a system to keep our chores organized. Unfortunately, I am one of the working mothers who prays very hard every day for a miracle that would allow me to stay at home and home school my 3 wonderfully beautiful children. There is never enough time in the day to get it all done, and sometimes I feel as though I’m not teaching them enough about working together as a family to get the chores done. The rest of my extended family thinks I give my 6 year old too many chores to do! Haha. She loves to be Mommy’s helper and has developed great pride in being a wonderful big sister. Even our 22 month old must keep his room clean with Big sissy and Mommy’s help! My question is, does this system work for working families that do not have time in the day to have children help with major chores everyday? She does have to clean off the table after dinner, and pick up her room, but because of time constraints, most of our chores are completed on Saturday while Daddy is working.
    The Chores book was written for families in general, not just for homeschooling families. We think it would be helpful to you.

  14. When I was raising my children (boys) their dad and I told them all of their life they will use a bathroom, eat, and wear clothes. Therefore, they need to know how to be responsible for these items (clean a bathroom, wash dishes, care for clothes). These chores are daily tasks in life every responsible person must deal with. I wish I would have had something like chore packs when they were little, it would have probably made things easier and even a little “fun”. Whether a child is a homemaker, doctor, or lawyer, they need to be a responsible person and care for themselves (and a servant’s heart will always help care for others) šŸ™‚

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