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  1. LOVE these pictures too!! 🙂 Again, THANK YOU for sharing – – After viewing the sweet ceremony live on my computer, and now looking at all these wonderful pictures, I almost feel as if I was “really there” ! 🙂 Christopher and Anna Marie look as if they’re “glowing” – – they truly are a radiant couple. May the Lord always bless their marriage. Hugs from Georgia, Patti M. 🙂

  2. P.S. Who made the wedding cake? It looks beautiful AND delicious!!! 😉
    A friend from the H’s church.

  3. Congratulations to Christopher and Anna! The wedding pictures are beautiful! I am so disappointed that I missed the ceremony but I see that you will not be posting the video. I really wish that I could see the ceremony; it sounds like it was a beautiful, Christ-centered ceremony and would be such a testimony. May I ask why a video will not be published? Obviously it is up to your family weather or not you publish it, but I just always assumed it would be!

    We had to pay for it, and so we made it for just one time–those who wanted to watch it then did so, and we are posting pictures.

  4. Although I wasn’t able to see the wedding (I was meeting my birthmother for the first time) the pictures have been a blessing to see. Christopher and Anna Marie are radiant as man and wife. May the Lord bless them and keep them safe.

    In Christ,
    Miss Laura

  5. All the photos are absolutely beautiful! Joseph did such a great job capturing the emotion and the atmosphere of the wedding. It is such a joy and encouragement to see Christian homeschool graduates using their creative gifts for the glory of God.

    All of the ladies in the wedding look so lovely. I love how classic and feminine the dresses were. Anna’s wedding dress especially was very beautiful! Thank you so much for letting us share in the wedding! 🙂

  6. Great pictures! The happy couple look so overwhelmingly joyful! What are those guys at the car doing? They looked like they were up to something!

    What a joyful occassion! What a wonderful work of God to rejoice with you all in!

    God bless! Rebecca K.

  7. I really like the pictures of the wedding. Everyone (especially the Bride and Groom) look so happy!! 🙂

  8. Beautiful photos! Thanks again! But wait, wait — what is the fun practice of the plastic wrap? Do tell! Are they supposed to have to peel it off before they can drive anywhere?
    Actually, the plastic wrap was going to make it easy to clean the writing off the car, but the plans went not as planned because it was raining!

  9. Absolutely beautiful!!! All of the pictures are so wonderful and Christopher and Anna Marie look so happy. Praising the Lord that HE brought them together. Thank you for sharing the pics and the wedding via livestream. Even though I only caught the last part, it was still beautiful and wonderful!!! CONGRATULATIONS to everyone!!!


    Where did the happy couple go for their honeymoon?
    They went to a cabin in Washington!

  10. I’ve really enjoyed the pictures and was able to see part of the live stream. There are major differences between UK and US Christian weddings even though the majors are the same-our weddings tend to be understated and much smaller and less demonstrative. Not rights or wrongs-just differences-so have liked seeing the photos.
    Wishing Christopher and Anna God’s richest blessing in their future life together.

  11. Yay!!! Congratulations! What a blessing to see the sweet pictures.

    Love the feminine and modest dresses. I was in a wedding recently and it was very hard to make my dress modest…I had to buy an extra jacket to wear over it.

    Anyway….what a beautiful and precious day it must have been!

  12. We really loved watching Christopher and Anna’s wedding. We also are enjoying all of the pictures you are posting. We think they are going to be a very good couple. It was really neat that they didn’t touch until they were married. That really showed God in their lives. We hope they have a happy life together. Love, Hannah (age 7)

  13. I very much appreciate all you as a family have done to share this special occasion. The wedding was beautiful and I have so enjoyed all the photos that keep coming.
    Thank you for being such a godly inspiration.

  14. Just curious if you could share where you purchased the bridesmaids’ dresses or what pattern was used. They are modest and lovely!
    The girls made them using, I believe, a highly modified pattern. They worked hard on them.

  15. Beautiful wedding pictures and the happy couple are just glowing! Thank you so much for sharing!! The whole wedding looks like it was lovely. So happy for you all!!

    Blessings to the new couple. 🙂

  16. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos that capture such a wonderful day. It really is a joy to see such happiness and share in the rejoicing for Christopher and Anna Marie

    Joseph has a real gift for making the viewer feel like they are right there witnessing the images themselves.

  17. Thank you for posting the pictures. I especially enjoy seeing the pictures of Anna and Christopher watching the power point which looks like it was about them. What fun! Thanks for posting the beautiful pictures. Joseph, you did a great job with the pictures. I look forward to seeing whatever other pictures you post!

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