11 thoughts on “Christopher and Anna Marie Maxwell’s Wedding Pictures: #4”

  1. Joseph did a real professional job on the wedding pictures! I sure have enjoyed seeing them; thanks for posting!

  2. Such great, wonderful pictures! Looking forward to more! Thanks for sharing them!

    God bless! Praying! Rebecca K.

  3. Such a lovely wedding. I have enjoyed seeing the pictures, as well as the bits of the wedding video which we were able to catch. In the pics in this post, I think my favorite one is Anna and Christopher walking with Christopher helping to hold Anna’s train- such a lovely, lovely picture of the care he has for her as a husband. We pray many blessings on them in their marriage and that it will glorify God to the fullest!

    And the happiest of birthdays to Anna, too!!!

    With love in Christ,


  4. Thank you for sharing pictures! They are wonderful. Anna is a beautiful bride! Your love for the Lord shines through in each and every photo.

  5. Oh, such sweet wonderful moments! 🙂 My favorites are the one with Christopher and his dad praying…wonderful! 🙂 Love that one…and also love the two of Mr. Maxwell in the sanctuary (he looks like he’s both praying and perhaps thinking about all sorts of things from past and present and future). 🙂

    Blessings to you all!
    Thank you to both Joseph and those loading all the photos for sharing with us! 🙂
    ~Miss Rachel~
    Anna has uploaded all those wedding pictures, except for the first post or two!

  6. Thank you very much Ms. Anna for taking your time out to post the pictures for us. We all do ( I’m sure ) very much delight in seeing them.

  7. Anna, you are truely a lovely bride! You look so happy! Your groom will surely treasure you like the gem you are!!

    Come see us when you are home someday, good luck!

    Rachel B.

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