Glimpse into Monday!

We had a wonderful day with Nathan, Melanie, and the girls on Monday at the Olympic Game Farm. Here are just a few photos to tide you over until we have a little more time to post the rest of them! Today we are headed out for another day with them, and are looking forward to spending more time with them.

Feeding the llama.

Thank you, Joseph, for the excellent photos.

“For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills” (Psalms 50:10).

In Christ,

8 thoughts on “Glimpse into Monday!”

  1. Love these animal photos (thanks Joseph!). 🙂 And of course the one of Abigail feeding the llama is sooo cute! Enjoy this special family time. 🙂
    Blessings from Georgia, Patti M.

  2. Cute…did Bethany enjoy the animals, or did she sleep?
    Bethany slept most of the time.

  3. The Lord has blessed quite of few of the Maxwells with the gift of photography.

    Please tell us what Abby thought of all the wedding festivities when you post the photos.

    Glad to see you are spending some great family time together while you’re still
    in the northwest.

  4. Sounds like lovely family time. You all deserve time to relax and enjoy each other after the hectic schedule you seem to be keeping lately! Did Christopher and Anna join you or are they on a honeymoon. Thank you for your faithfulness and sharing.

    In Christ,


  5. We LOVE the Olympic Game Farm (we live in a Seattle suburb!). Not sure how long you are here for, but if you get a chance, take the beach hike out in Sequim to the lighthouse! It’s about 10 miles round trip, but they are in a rainshadow there, so you would likely encounter non-rainy weather!

    In general, the PNW has lots of beautiful places to visit — hope you are enjoying yours!

    I missed the live wedding video, so am anxiously looking forward to photos. I’m sure you are all busy recovering from the busy few days and are welcoming a little down time. Safe travels to you on your way back home. Are you doing conferences on the way back? How will Anna Marie and Christopher get back to Kansas?

    Sorry so many questions! God bless you and your family!

  6. What a wonderful family time!! I love the wild animal park–Phil and I like to sneak off there when we have a caregiver for Mom.

    Joseph, You took great pictures 🙂

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

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