Mount Saint Helens

We were up bright and early Wednesday morning to do a hike near Mt. Saint Helens. To hike on the mountain itself, you have to obtain a permit, and to climb the mountain takes an entire day. But, there are paths near the mountain you can take, so we decided on rigorous hike, and we all set out enthusiastically.

It was windy, and the wind just grew stronger as we continued.

We didn’t pass a single hiker, going or coming, and we wondered if they knew something we didn’t, such as maybe there was a wind advisory?! No, it turned out, there wasn’t, but maybe other hikers preferred less-windy days :-).

The group walking
God's Creation
Approaching the narrow path, with a steep downgrade. We decided we'd do it--single file that is!
Dad and Mom

After we made it across the narrow trail, we came to a ridge, where the wind blew stronger than I’d ever experienced. As we braced ourselves against the strong wind, we could see the trail was an open ridge, and the wind was too strong to continue. It was surmised that the wind gusts had probably been 70 mph on that ridge! So, it was decided to head back, yes, back across that narrow stretch we had just crossed.

Before we turned around, I was able to quickly take this picture looking out over Spirit Lake, where the infamous Harry Truman had lived next to the lake in a lodge, resolutely refusing to leave. Therefore he died when the mountain erupted May 18th, 1980.
Both Families
Jonathan, John, Joseph, and Jesse
Fifty-seven people lost their lives in the eruption.

Sarah for my wonderful family

“God is my strength and power: and he maketh my way perfect” (2 Samuel 22:33).

5 thoughts on “Mount Saint Helens”

  1. Nice pictures! Beautiful! I was there for the eruption. I was in elementary school. The ash was piled high everywhere as if snow but gray!

  2. Again, beautiful pictures! Our family enjoys hiking also. Oh the wonders of God’s creation!

    I understand the wind. My family and I were hiking in Grand Marais, MN in some very windy conditions this summer; it was kind of scary. We had to do the same thing (turn around on a very narrow path and hike back).

    Enjoy the wedding this weekend! Much blessings to Anna and Christopher as they begin their new life together.

  3. There’s a place in the Cascade Range called Hurricane Ridge. I’m not sure where it is, Mt. St. Helen’s, Mt. Rainier, there are lots of places on the range. Your experience up there explains why a state that does not have hurricanes still gave an area such a name. I love the pictures of all of you exploring together.

  4. Beautiful pictures. My kids and I are really enjoying the landscape, thank you for sharing them.
    What kind of camera are you using?
    Nikon D200.

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