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We wanted to clarify and explain what “live stream” means.

Live Stream is where you can watch the wedding via your internet connection. The digital camera used at the wedding will feed into a website, which then uploads in real time. We’ll be giving you a link closer to the wedding (probably posting it next Thursday or Friday). All you have to do on wedding day is then click on the link, where you may view the ceremony.

So, by 12:50 p.m., Pacific Standard Time, October 23rd, Live Stream will go live! The wedding actually starts at 1 p.m. Please take into account your time zone. You’ll want to make sure to have tested your sound on your computer and make sure it is working so you’ll be able to hear the wedding.

Sarah for the rest

The almost groom and bride!

“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh” (Genesis 2:24).

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  1. We are getting so excited and praying for all to come together for you! Yes, we will be awaiting the service!
    We have a question and if it is way too ‘nosy’….just say
    Our girls (oldest) who are so blessed and encourage not only by the Maxwell family, as well as with this ‘courtship & engagement….we just wondered does Anna have a engagement ring or have they choosen no ring (s)? just a’ thinking/
    We will keep yall in prayer…
    ~Mrs M. for our family
    Yes, Anna Marie does have a ring :-). Sarah

  2. If we are unable to watch the Live Stream, will you be posting a video of the wedding? I hope to watch it live, but just in case.

    I am praying for both Christopher and Anna and they enter a new phase in life.

    No, just the Live Stream when it’s live!

  3. Oh, I can’t wait! 🙂 What a blessing to see how the Lord has worked in Christopher through the years and now to see God bringing all this about. 😀 We’re so happy for them! 😀

    Thanks for your tips Sarah about the live streaming. 🙂 We’ll be sure to be ready! 🙂 (have the date saved on the calendar already!). 😉

    God’s blessings to you all and in all the last details and preparations for the wedding! 😀
    In Christ,

  4. We are so excited as well! Thank you for allowing us to be a witness to such a God-honoring ceremony! We are honored!

  5. Beautiful picture! Praying for you all! I have a question. Are you only able to watch the wedding on the day of the wedding?

    Rebecca K.

    Yes, it’ll only be available at that specific time.

  6. So excited! Are y’all going to put it on the blog, or on a link conected to the website? Are we going to have to watch it right at that certain time, or will it be avaible afterwards?

    It’ll only be available at that certain time! We’ll post the link closer to time.

  7. I am not able to watch the wedding because of a bazaar that I am helping at that day. Would I be able to watch the wedding at another time on the same website? God’s Blessings to the the happy couple!

    Jenny H.
    The current plan is no, it would not be available for later watching. So sorry!

  8. The L’s of Leavenworth are very anxious to attend the wedding of Christopher and Anna. Wishing the future Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell all the best and happiness always!

  9. Great news! Will it be available to view at a later time for those who can’t view it due to other plans at that time?
    Thanks, Becky
    No, it will only be available to watch at the wedding time.

  10. Thank you very much for the information. Sounds so simple (now!) I’ll be working on the time difference for here in Australia so I don’t miss it 🙂
    Blessings for the happy couple and thank you for sharing your special day.

  11. What a precious picture! We will be joining you in prayer and via the internet on their special day!

    With love and blessings from NJ

  12. We will be getting up at 6.30am (Australian EST time) to watch the wedding before we head off for church on Sunday morning the 24th! We are 18 hours ahead of the US. Thank you ever so much for sharing your very special day with so many of us. America is a very distant land, but we will feel like we are just ‘around the corner’!! God bless your preparations & plans in the lead up to the BiG day!
    That’s wonderful! Thank you for sharing :-).

  13. Wow! That is so wonderful! Our daughters are so blessed by your courtship and engagement! Thank you so much for allowing us to witness this wonderful evidence for God’s timming and Grace!
    Love in Christ, R. Family

  14. Will the wedding be “saved” on the website to be viewed at a later time? I so want to watch this wedding but unfortunately, will be away from home keeping other commitments during the time it will be streamed live.
    No, the wedding will only be available at the time of the wedding–just like a live wedding, the live stream is available at the moment it’s live :-).

  15. Thank you for so graciously sharing such a personal family event with all of us.

    All I have to do now is remember it, since I’ll certainly be home: I fell Thursday and broke my ankle, so I won’t even be going downstairs until after the wedding! If you wouldn’t mind praying about this, please pray for my dear, sweet husband: we are in the midst of moving houses, and now….the whole burden of it is on him. As my beloved grandmother used to say, if it’s not one thing, it’s six!

    Blessings on your family, especially the bride and groom!!
    I’ll be praying–so sorry.

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