Music Friday evening
Anna and Mary.
Christopher speaking.
Cute little guy
Christopher with several brothers
John & Anna's session
Mom talking afterward
Book tables.
A sweet family from Iowa. The parents had attended our marriage retreat a few years ago!

Our conference in Kirksville was another blessing. The Lord brought many families from all over the state of Missouri, some from Iowa, and several from Illinois, and even twin sisters who made the trek from Omaha, Nebraska.

One family had been to a conference several years ago, and because of what the dad had heard, he began having family Bible time! Praise the Lord. We continue to hear feedback from how the Lord is using each conference in lives. It makes all the miles traveled worth it!

Sarah for the family

“Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name” (Psalms 103:1).

5 thoughts on “Kirksville”

  1. Great pictures, Sarah! I love seeing all the different places you guys travel, too! I get a little geography ffrom the pictures, plus the book I have to do in school!

  2. I just have to ask: That sweet family from Iowa, after all those boys is the mom finally holding a little girl or another boy? Just curious. Either way, she sure is a blessed mother. Praying.
    Yes, you’re correct. Her first little girl after many boys :-). Sarah

  3. Wonderful conference! We’d had a very hard day and then I was struggling so much with patience on the way to the church ( I thought for sure that we’d miss your music!) But once we relaxed in the pew listening to the music, it seems all my anxiety just melted away! The music was so instrumental to us!

    Every session we attended spoke to our hearts so much!

    It was great getting to meet you all!

    On the way home, my heart was overflowing with joy just thinking about how the Lord blessed it all and used you to point out things we needed to hear! God bless you all!

    Rebecca K.

  4. How wonderful to see all these lovely families coming out to your conferences. I love the pic of the family with all those little boys in blue! 😉 May the Lord continue to bless and bear much fruit during this trip.


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