Wichita Falls


We had quite a round of storms go through the area Monday night before the conference. But, praise the Lord, the storms dissipated, and people came out for the conference.

We were so grateful to have had another opportunity to share our hearts! This was also the first evening Joseph and John gave Christopher’s Success or Failure session, as they are preparing to give it now that Christopher is getting married.

Mary and Anna
Mother/daughter talk.
Dad gave his session in a cozy setting, almost like a living room.
Jesse keeps a great eye on the sessions.
The Guys

Thank you for continuing to pray for us–we are so grateful! We’ll be driving today to Star City, Arkansas, to stop in and say “hi” to our friends. Tomorrow, we’ll be headed to Hattiesburg, for our conference there in the evening.


“So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom” (Psalms 90:12).

3 thoughts on “Wichita Falls”

  1. Wonderful pictures, Sarah!!
    The picture of Jesse doing the sound and screen reminds me of what I do at our church!! ( I do the PowerPoint…which is the computer that controls the screen).
    Our music leader was there every single day last year, during our first year, so now they are talking about having me play with teh other guitarist so that the main guy can have a break!!

  2. I thought you were in OK City last night and Witchita Falls on the 13th.Were these photos from WF or OC? Just curious!
    We were in OKC the 14th and Wichita Falls the 13th–I’m just a little behind right now :-). S

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