Getting ready!

In the midst of trip preparations, we’ve also been busy with lots of wedding sewing! We have almost completed the bridesmaids dresses, and Mary finished Abby’s flower girl dress yesterday. Through sewing these dresses, we have learned many new sewing skills! Things like the laser level have come in handy for our sewing. Just recently we used it to help with the hemming of one of the dresses. Meanwhile, the boys have been working on getting the bus ready for our travels south. Our air conditioning on the bus hasn’t been working very well, so Joseph has been working on the ductwork to make it more efficient.

Using the laser level to hem up the dress! This picture is showing "the setup". We had to have the person who was getting their dress hemmed stand on books until the line was on the correct spot where we wanted the hem. If we wanted it longer, then we would add more books. If shorter, then we would remove a book or two too the stack.
In this picture, the dress is covering the books that she's standing on! Mom placed the pins on the line that the laser level marked. Then she folded the fabric up to where the pins were - making the hem... Afterwards, we completed the hem by sewing it in.
All the little detail work = many hours of hand sewing!
Mary did a wonderful job making the flower girl dress.
Joseph has been working on fixing our air conditioning in the bus! He has been quite the mastermind to figure out what was going on.
John has been working on the mechanical side of the bus. He does a great job at keeping Ole' Uriah running.
Lord willing, we'll be leaving Thursday. Right now we have an air leak that causes the bus to lean when we stop. We have earnestly begun praying the Lord would reveal where the leak is. Would you please pray with us?


“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5)

8 thoughts on “Getting ready!”

  1. Oh, I love the matierial you all are using! You will all look so splendid! The ribbon choice for Abby’s dress is stunning! 😀 I can’t wait to see you all (and the bride and everyone) all dressed up in your finery! 😉

    Yes indeed! We’ll be praying! My dad asked only today what things we could pray more for you all. 🙂 Praying this leak will be found very quickly so you have plenty of time to repair it!

    Blessings to you all!

  2. Oh, such a pretty flower girl dress (the parts I can see:)! Mary, you must be glad it’s done!!!!!!
    I just prayed for the bus (and the workers:)

  3. I love that you figured out how to do the hem on your dresses! I think the laser ting is awesome! I should try that when I’m hemming up somehting on my dress/skirt!
    I love Abby’s flower girl dress…it’s so pretty! Are all the dresses going to be green and white ( I mean the bridesmaids and flowergirl)?
    The bridesmaids dresses are sage green, and Abby’s dress is white with a ribbon sash.


  4. So when is the wedding date? Will it be held LiveStream?
    October 23rd, and yes, it’ll be LiveStream.


  5. Keeping you in our prayers that the air leak is revealed soon and the boys are able to easily repair the situation. Is it something to do with the air suspension?

    Abigail’s dress looks beautiful. Mary has become a lovely seamstress. I look forward to seeing you all in your dresses. It never came to mind to use the lasar level to hem with!! Thank you for this tip.

    Looking forward to seeing you all soon (as in next month.)

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

    Yes :-). See you soon!


  6. Very interesting on the dresses! Loved to see the laser hemming process. I always dread hemming! Looks like the dresses will be lovely. I adore the light green colors of the ribbon.

  7. Very creative, ladies. Well done and apparently there weren’t any falls. 🙂 You got to practice balance too. Praying for all the air to be where it’s supposed to be and at the right temperature where it’s supposed to be.

  8. The Lord certainly has gifted you all with the talent to sew. Mary did an awesome job on Abby’s dress! What a gift! Can’t wait to see you all in them! Praying about the wedding!

    Will definitely be praying for your bus improvements! Hope the Lord will help you with that soon!

    October 8th and 9th, just around the corner! Looking forward to it! Praying about it!

    God bless you all! Rebecca K.

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