Managers of Their Homes

Almost daily in our mail, we receive testimonies from moms who have gained new hope from Managers of Their Homes. This one today, touched me, and I wanted to share it as an encouragement to what the Lord is doing and also as a prayer request for this dear missionary wife, who is facing challenging situations.


“I’ve been wondering how to get organized since I met organized people in college fifteen years ago, and only now are the pieces starting to come together, thanks to your book. I’m looking at how to get started homeschooling my two kids, with outreach ministries, a husband with cancer, and no family or other homeschoolers around in this foreign (to me) country. To me, it looks like a mountain–huge–but your book is helping break things down into manageable steps. I know the Lord has answered prayer and is meeting a great need for me through your book. We look forward to seeing good results in our home & ministry on this mission field. Thank you so much for your faithfulness! May I learn to be as faithful! –A missionary wife”

“I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully”
(1 Timothy 5:14).

2 thoughts on “Managers of Their Homes”

  1. Praying for this dear lady this morning as this is very close to my heart! Praying the Lord will be her comfort, strength, and protector, fill her heart with His love, joy, and peace, and give her all the wisdom and grace she needs as she serves. I know He will! He is so faithful and good! May God bless this family!

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