God’s Faithfulness

For many months now, our family has been having a weekly prayer time on Sunday evenings. It usually takes an hour to go around the room as we pour our hearts out to the Lord. Recently, Mom began keeping a journal on her computer of what the prayer needs were. She reads whatever the requests had been the week before, and then we discuss what the answers are that we’ve seen. Then, we share new requests. Amazingly, week after week, we see answer after answer filling in. It has opened my eyes to how many things the Lord has answered, and how ungrateful I’ve been in the past!

Are you aware of all the Lord is doing in your life? If not, maybe you would be blessed to begin a family prayer journal! I remember one request heavy on all our hearts Sunday night, and the Lord answered it quickly. Praise the Lord!

We did have another stop just confirmed yesterday, Crawfordville, Florida, for Tuesday, September 21st. Crawfordville is about 30 minutes south of Tallahassee. We have another stop possibly pending as well.

And yes, what’s a blog post without pictures? Those middle-of-the-night driving-through-the-night, though, are the ones I can’t quite get a good picture. We had an old, dead tree fall over this morning, so Jesse and Joseph took care of it. It was Jesse’s first time with the chainsaw.


“For ever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven. 90 Thy faithfulness is unto all generations: thou hast established the earth, and it abideth” (Psalms 119:89-90).

A powerful tool

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  1. I too keep a prayer book–a leather bound journal that we keep all prayer requests in. Your family is in there many times as we pray for your safe travels and other requests you ask prayer for. It is an amazing feeling when we go back through and read the requests and the answered prayers.

    You all are a continued source of inspiration for me.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

  2. Thank you for reminding me that I need to be more grateful . The Lord as been very good to us and we need to give him all the glory and praise.
    I am glad you are coming to Florida. I have might be able to go.
    Many Blessings to your family.

  3. Was pondering your recent post regarding the Lord’s protection and intervention and looking for that in our lives. The very next day a most interesting thing happened and I can safely say that the Lord was speaking to me at that time through these events. I had just gotten home from work and got my two children and my elderly parents who live with us ready to go out to dinner. We got into the car and lo and behold it would not start. At that same moment our neighbor just happened to pull into his driveway and offered us help. (Turns out we needed a battery). Now, we were all safe at home in our driveway and the Lord protected me from being on the road with 2 babies and 2 elderly disabled parents. The car could have stopped ANYWHERE needing that battery but the Lord got me home and safe in the driveway first! The Lord also placed our neighbor there knowing I would be needing a bit of help. How thankful I was not to be on the side of the road somewhere with my carload of loved ones! There is no other way to explain that chain of events other than to say it is a fine example of the Lord’s protection!
    Praise the Lord :-).


  4. Love the prayer journal idea. We have three little ones, but I guess it’s never too early to start.

    Please come to Tampa next! 🙂


    We go by invitation, so it just depends on when someone contacts us to coordinate a conference and when we’re back in that general area!

    Blessings, Sarah

  5. A prayer journal is a very good idea, and it is similar to something I have done for a while now. I have many problems with anxiety, which I think Satan preys on. A few years ago I realized through prayer that I should offer up my problems to the Lord and not worry so much. It was an act of pure faith that He would have infinite wisdom for all of my troubles, and I can tell you that it was a difficult thing to do. We can talk about faith all we want, but once we have to take a blind leap of faith, it is so scary at first! I had to learn to trust Him instead of myself just like Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and he will make your paths straight.” I’m sure you, like me, have grown up hearing that particular verse, but now I am a living witness to it! When I feel overwhelmed, I write down a long list of every single issue or problem that I am worried about. I mean every single last one. And then at the top I write “Trusting in the Lord” or something of that ilk, because it is like writing a letter to God, and putting it at the top reminds me that He’s bigger than any problem. Then I put the piece of paper away, say a prayer, and forget those worries. It amazes me how quickly I am able to find peace this way. I know I could just say all those things in prayer but for some reason I feel like all my problems are out of my mind once they are on paper and then I can pray about it. Later, I like to go back and read what I wrote down. The first time I did this I was amazed that I was able to cross every single thing off of that list. When I wrote them, they seemed like problems that no solution existed to, but the Lord takes care of me! Not only that, but it has given me a wonderful testimony of His compassion for His children!!! I love that you were able to share your own testimony of the Lord’s work in your lives. Prayers are indeed answered! 😀

    Thank you for sharing, Elisabeth. What a blessing to read your testimony! Truly, it is a JOY to see the Lord’s working! Sarah

  6. We took your suggestion and we had a family prayer time tonight…it turned into 90 minutes of (very) vulnerable sharing and praying together! It was an amazing time; we had two of us share and then we prayed for those two before moving on. Breaking things up helped the younger ones esp to stay focussed. Everyone asked to do this regularly; one of my teens even prayed for this! I took Teri’s example and wrote things down, even as they were being prayed, so we can come back and see how God has answered.

    I just wanted to thank you so much for this idea and tell you what a blessing it was!

    P.S. And one more thing…I need to expect the enemy NOT to want this to happen. In our time together, there were numerous interruptions, including friends stopping by, oven timers going off (one son came in late for dinner and added a pizza to the oven and forgot), even serious coughing attacks. Fortunately, none of them derailed the time. I guess it just goes to show you how very powerful a time like that can be…
    Wow, praise the Lord! Isn’t it just wonderful?!!


  7. God is always at work! He the ultimate example to
    me of sacrificial labor. I know I need to follow in His foot steps.

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