You Don’t Have to Consult The Calendar

To know a trip is close! Here’s a partial list of what’s been happening the last two weeks:

  • Jesse’s lawn mower broke
  • Freezer’s on the blink
  • The new Redeeming the Time audiobook project is nearing completion but…
    • Went from putting everything into production for 5 CDs then to 6 CDs, as we discovered the data wouldn’t fit on 5 CDs as hard as we tried.
    • Wrong cases came in.
    • It was even despaired that the right cases could be found, but thankfully, they were able to!
    • Labels were delayed.
    • The insert that goes into the audiobook met many, many challenges as it was prepared for press, and then trying to find a printer who could do it under a tight deadline was hard!
    • I (Sarah) was telling Dad recently that I had been thinking about when was the last time we had such a challenging time finishing up a project? Then, I remembered! Redeeming the Time book last summer! So, the audiobook was no exception. This is a message that Satan does not want out there!
  • Dishwasher broke and couldn’t get a repair man out for two weeks
  • New fan clutch for the bus found defective from the factory. Only found this out, of course, after the install.
  • Four out of the five blinds for the front of the bus came in the wrong colors.
  • Planning on switching our large package shipping carrier but it was an absolute disaster (we’ll spare you the story–needless to say, we stayed with our original company)
  • Sarah and Mary worked hard to make curtains for the bus, but after heroic completion, they were put up but obviously needed another round of fix-it (hand-tacking some seams, thankfully, the other side was machine tacked now that we know!). Sarah almost cried, but ended up laughing instead.
  • A key tool that we had trouble locating in Kansas City broke after getting 3 out of the 4 bolts out.
  • Mary’s sewing machine decided to get grease on the sleeve of Abby’s flower girl dress.
  • After the tag axle was put back together, and finally, we were at the point of firing up the bus, it was discovered the tag axle steering wasn’t working. John spent many a full day  troubleshooting and discovered the problem. You’re incredible, John! 🙂

Despite all the challenges, we’re continuing to rest in the Lord. Our contentment and joy doesn’t come from feelings but rather our dependence on the One Who is in control! We would appreciate prayer as we continue to prepare for our upcoming trip to Boise. Between now and early November, we’ll be home no more than 2 weeks at a time!

And yes, for those who are diligently wondering and praying, Melanie is still hanging in there. She’s now 37 weeks and counting!

Our Lord is good all the time!

We'll be preparing to launch the audiobook early next week on the website!

The Maxwells

“Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord” (Psalms 31:24).

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Our faithful leader.


Happy Birthday!

My heart is overflowing because you’re my daddy. You have faithfully led our family over these many, many years. Through every challenge we face (and before trips is no exception!), you have persevered, trusting in our Savior, and pointing each of us to Him as our All in All.

I’ll love you forever!


“Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine” (1 Timothy 5:17).


Bus preparations continue as our time approaches for departure! Many things were accomplished this week: the old tag axle support taken out, other misc. maintenance done, the new tag axle support installed, bus valances/curtains cut out, sewn, and installed, other finishing work such as covering the ceilings, etc…

Mary and I worked together on the curtains. Wednesday, I cut six panels out (14' long!), and then Mary began hemming, and I did 3" pleats across the entire length.
Joseph does an excellent job on our finish carpentry. He has quite an eye for detail, and he's been working a lot this past week on more finishing work for the front part of the bus. Here he was working with a board he eventually covered.
Stapling on the curtains.
It's amazing how they can fit back in behind the wheel area. You do have to be careful not to move quickly, as your head will come in contact with a non-moveable bus part!
The new part--ready to go in!
Putting it in.
Mary cut out Abby's flower girl dress yesterday.
Next will be bridesmaid's dresses.

We would appreciate your prayers over these next two weeks as we continue to prepare. We’ve been experiencing many, many challenges, which is no surprise. The Lord gives grace to meet each one!

Sarah for the rest

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7).