Life is staying at a high-paced speed for us at the Maxwell house. As our trip-counter ticks down, again, we don’t need to consult the calendar to know it’s quickly approaching. The number of “trials” happening remind of us the unseen spiritual battle in progress. We would be very grateful for your prayers as we prepare for this next trip. May Jesus be glorified in everything!

On the bright side, we’ve continued to add new stops to the trip, with the latest new additions being–

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Here are a few pictures of this past week.

The generator was not cooling adequately when running the a/c's and driving. Â We need to try to improve that since we are heading south and it is still very warm there.Â
No, Dad's not painting the bus, rather, he's preparing it for a new windshield. Lots of dish soap to help the new windshield slide in better.Â
Very messy "painting" the soap.
We noticed the windshield on the driver's side was cracked earlier in the week, and it hadn't been that way while driving. It obviously happened after we were home. It's called a "stress" crack when the forces in the bus alone cause the crack.
Holding on to that windshield! Praise the Lord we are actually getting faster replacing them and we didn't break it putting it in. We did learn that the earlier ones we had trouble installing were defective as they were slightly larger than they were supposed to be.Â
Working with the dashboard. The year-old sun visors began having problems on the last trip and the replacements meant a change in wiring. We found the problem one week before the warranty expired. Thank You, Lord. Normally, it is one week after the warranty expired. (smile)
Sewing--oh yes! Lots and lots of sewing as Mom, Anna, and Mary work on bridesmaids dresses.

“That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ” ( 1 Peter 1:7).

14 thoughts on “Life”

  1. Oh, I am so glad you were able to replace the windshield without breaking it! 🙂 Hmm, using soap huh? How interesting! I’ll have to keep that in mind if we ever need such a thing. 😉 HeHe! How wonderful that the guys in your family can work so well on all the things on the bus! 😀 It always amazes me at how much they can do on their own. 🙂

    Oh, I can’t wait to see the bridesmaid’s dresses and such! 😀 I am sure you all will look very sweet and lovely in them. 🙂

    I’m keeping you all in my prayers both for pre-trip and during your trip. 🙂
    Blessings to you all!
    ~Miss Rachel~

  2. the maxwell family’s schedule makes my head swim!! you guys are doing a good job tackling every project with joy as it comes up. will nathan be posting soon a bit more on the details of bethany’s birth? praying that melanie is healing alright and doing well! blessings!

  3. Since I have commited to turn everything over to the Lord, I trust He has his reasons. Although they are not clear to me at this moment, I am sure they will be revealed sometime.

    When you came northeast this past year, I was living in Dallas. Now I am living in the northeast and you are holding a seminar in Witchita Falls. I would have loved to attend a seminar and meet you all. I hope there will be a time in the future.

    Daily, I keep you all in my prayers. Thank you for your miniistry. And finally, like Miss Rachel, can’t wait to see the dresses!!!!! 🙂

  4. Life always keeps peopel busy that’s for sure!!

    I’m excited about seeing the dresses! You didn’t have the blog up when Nathan got married, so we ( I, at least didn’t) didn’t see the wedding pictures from his and Melanie’s wedding. Very curious about how y’all do wedding outfits…..


  5. Will be praying for you! Getting many projects together is sometimes hard, but mostly when you have limited time. We’ve experienced that I don’t know how many times! Keep praying as you go along, and if you can, stop for a moment and take the time to pray and seek the Lord. He will renew your strength and refresh you!

    Glad that the bus work is going so well!

    Glad you were able to start work on the bridesmaids dresses! Hope that goes PEACEFULLY for you. Sewing with limited time can be very pressuring!
    Keep your eyes on Jesus,seek Him, and take your time. Can’t wait to see how those turn out! Usually when we say,” Can’t wait”, we really mean ”don’t want to wait”, but almost everytime we say that, we don’t really have a choice!

    God bless you all!

    Rebecca K.

  6. So looking forward to seeing the dresses since I am a sewing and design enthusiast! I was thinking about how expensive all these repairs must be. You didn’t mention that, but I am sure windshields for buses are not econo-items. Will pray as the Lord brings you to mind. My son is leaving this week for Bible school in Colorado. His wife and daughters will follow within the month. I know the feeling of having family on the road for long distances and how the prayers of friends are a blessing.

  7. What a small world! I grew up in Dixon, IL! I live on the East Coast now, and so wish I still had family in Dixon to show you hospitality while you’re there. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to visit Lowell Park while you’re in town. It’s so lovely. Lots of history there (especially Reagan-related), and the petunia capital of the world! 🙂 May the Lord bless your trip with safety and fruitful ministry. May His hand be on you as you prepare for the trip, safeguarding you from distractions and discouragements!

    Mrs. W

  8. You Maxwell men are so amazing in how you can tackle any job large or small and self-teach yourselves how to fix it or solve it. What a blessing you are. Like everyone else posting today, I am eager to see the dresses being worked on. This is an exciting time for the Maxwell’s and the Hamilton’s both.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

  9. We enjoy praying for all the Maxwells! We will keep all your “life” happenings in our prayers.

  10. Be assured of our prayers as well. It’s so encouraging to see you all working together and persevering through trials- praising the Lord all the while.

  11. I love the sneak peek at the bridesmaid dress! I’m a bit color-challenged — is it silver or is it sage (or am I totally off?)? I am admiring the straight seams — looks perfect and can’t wait to see one of you lovely ladies in it! It takes so much skill to have the confidence to sew formalwear and it looks like it’s coming along nicely! What an exciting time!
    Sage :-).

  12. We will be praying much for you all. We are SO appreciative to all the hard work you put in to help families know the truth. May the Lord bless you seventy fold and multiply your efforts. Also- Bethany is just so precious.

    Love to all

  13. You all are such a blessing. I’m so amazed at the skills everyone has picked up. I’m praying for you all on your upcoming journey…..

    I have such trouble with the tension on my sewing machine. It’s a basic machine. Do you recommend a machine that you’ve had good luck with?

    Mrs. D.

    Mrs. D,

    Yes, the girls’ sewing machines that they really like are: Janome Magnolia 7330 and Janome 3160 QDC.


  14. Continued prayers for the Maxwell family as you prepare for your upcoming travels. And what a testimony you all are as you cling to the Holy Spirit while being tested by trials. Praying for the Lord to protect and guide you all. Thanks for being such a BLESSING to so many!!!
    Hugs from Georgia, Patti M. 🙂

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