God’s Protection

Just a “blog thank you” note to express our gratefulness for your prayers for our traveling home. We saw two specific times where the Lord protected us from an accident, and those are only two that we clearly saw: there may have been others.

Yesterday, when we were in Ogden, Utah, a dump truck came within inches of side-swiping the bus. John was in the back bedroom and said if he’d had a sponge, he could’ve washed the side of the truck :-). We praise the Lord for His protection!

Then, as we motored along across Wyoming, we decided to stop for the 50 cent cones at Little America outside of Rock Springs. As we pulled off the exit, something caught Dad’s eye on the interstate, and what looked like a small explosion from a truck that we were about to pass, had we not taken the exit. Something flew off of the truck up into the air and landed in the grass and the truck crossed from the right lane into the median and came to a dusty halt.

As we looked from Little America we could see the left front fender of the truck had been destroyed from a high speed tire blowout.  Our hearts were filled with gratitude for the Lord’s protection, as it was very likely we would have been passing that truck when the tire blew and the fender flew apart. The truck would have likely hit the bus as it crossed traffic heading for the median. Amazing our Lord’s protection!

Sarah for all the rest!

“Thou art my hiding place and my shield: I hope in thy word” (Psalms 119:114).

Driving yesterday.

9 thoughts on “God’s Protection”

  1. Dear Maxwell Family,

    We rejoice with you that you are all home safely! God’s angels were certainly surrounding your bus! God’s guidance and protection are a huge blessing that we too often take for granted.

    With love from the K. family in NJ

  2. Thanking God for the answer to prayer and his protection. So happy you made it some safe and sound, and hope you are enjoying reintroductions with Bethany as well as seeing precious Abby. It must be so fun to watch her interact and love on her new baby sister.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

  3. I live in Utah! How odd to think you were so close to my home! Too bad you couldn’t have stopped by for a visit. 🙂

    I’m very glad you were spared any traveling woes. It sounds like you came close to some very bad accidents. Praise the Lord for helping you to avoid them!!!

  4. The Lord is good! We have traveled thousands of miles as well and can remember many times He so graciously protected us in our van.
    Side note…I remember stopping at Little America with all our little Ls (I think we had 9 at the time) to get ice cream during furlough…yummy treat! 🙂

  5. God had/has protected His people a lot! I was reading in my Anatomy book this past week or so, on how God protected His people in the desert. He told them what animals they could and couldn’t eat….for there were unseen germs that could make the Israelites sick,and no one knew about them, and no one would know how to treat them. Except for God.

  6. I was a follower of your family blog a long time ago, but hope to start following again now. 🙂 I enjoy all the pictures and updates!

  7. Wow! It’s amazing how much God knows what He’s doing! I can’t count the numerous times He’s watched over us through storms,from storms, from major accidents, and so much more! God is good!

    Rebecca K.

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