The bus work has been in full swing this week.

A big job has been the lock on the door. We’ve been having great trouble with it, so much so that you literally had to slam yourself against the door to apply pressure and then lock it. I was always glad when a strong brother was round to help! Dad’s been praying about a good solution, as it wasn’t as easy as “1-2-3 install a new lock”! Here it is in varying stages.

Working on the door.
Working with lock.
It's almost done!
John persevered through many challenges with the bus this week, and everything is put back together, and the bus is running well! Good job, John!
Joseph worked on several finishing projects inside the bus, including a tile backsplash on the counter.
Helping Joseph with the backsplash.

Sarah for the rest of the Maxwells

“And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful” (Colossians 3:15).

4 thoughts on “Pictures”

  1. Am curious about the tile on the backsplash as tile typically must be affixed to a non moving, non flexing surface to avoid cracking. How does that work on a moving vehicle?
    Time will tell how it does. But Joseph caulked joints that could flex.

  2. May the Lord bless the men in your family for taking such good care of the family and for their diligence and resourcefulness!
    I always enjoy reading about your trips-though I don’t always comment-but I do appreciate your sharing your lives with us!
    I think I’ve been familiar with your family and it’s ministry for more than 10 years now. I can’t remember exactly when I found your website, but I did participate on the mom’s boards back when you had them up. I think that it may have been closer to 12 years, but I do remember when Sarah was around 18 so that would make it 10–right?
    No matter how many years, I just wanted to say how blessed I’ve been by being able to see your family and ministry in action! 🙂
    Mrs. Michelle,
    Thanks for the note. Yes, MomsBoard was probably started when I was 18, and we had it for several years.

  3. I know this is off topic on what you posted, but do you mind to share the name of the product you use to clean your kitchen cabinets? My daughters and I plan to clean ours next week and I’m looking for a useful product. Thanks.
    Guardsman Polish

  4. Colossians 3:15 is my husband’s favorite verse. He recites it to me all the time! We are commanded not to just let God be IN our hearts, but to RULE. There is a difference, isn’t there?
    I am so delighted that Melanie is “still hanging in there!”
    I can’t wait, also, to hear some more wedding plan news!
    In Christ,
    Mrs. Beth

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