Jumper Patterns and Information

A recent blog comment asked for more information concerning the jumpers that we sew. Most of the jumpers aren’t too difficult to make if you have some sewing experience. We usually purchase our fabric from JoAnn’s when they are having a sale, or we have coupons we can use. We buy fabric from the calico section.

If you are interested in learning to sew, here is a link to a Mom’s Corner that I wrote about teaching my girls to sew. It references a resource we have used and like for some basics on learning to sew. There is much information on the Internet about sewing, and you could research in your community for local sewing classes.

As far as altering the patterns, we will leave out a zipper if we think we can get the jumper to go on over our heads. When we do that, we simply sew up the seam where the zipper would go. We add length to the pattern. Because most patterns come with several sizes on them, we trace the size we need onto tissue paper, taping pieces of tissue paper together for the skirts, and labeling each piece after we trace and cut it out.

Concerning the fit, we simply experiment. If it doesn’t fit one of us, it might fit another, although we are all pretty close in size. If it is too big, we will take in the seams. If it is too small, we are in trouble.  If we haven’t serged the seams, we can let it out.

Here are the pattern numbers for some of our more recent jumpers:

  • McCalls #3129. This jumper takes a little more skill than a simple A-line would. We do not put in the zipper on this jumper. Because there is no zipper, we wait to sew up the back seam where the zipper would be until we have the facing attached.
  • Simplicity #5917 is a very simple pattern. It is quick and easy! It’s no longer being produced, but you can often find it being sold on the Internet.

McCalls #3129
Simplicity #5917

“She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands” (Proverbs 31:13).

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  1. Thank you!!! My husband and I have been looking into modest dresses and I’ve been looking for a pattern just like this. Amazing how God has answered my prayers!

  2. We have blessed so far to find modest jumpers for four of our girls, but not so for eight year old Pearl. I am praying for a Titus 2 woman in the town we are moving to this summer to come alongside us and teach us to sew!

  3. Thanks for sharing the McCalls pattern, I like the skirt at the bottom. I have been wearing more and more skirts and jumpers, and a simple T-shirt makes for nice summer wearing. I tend to prefer solid fabric on myself and use linen for my jumpers. I like your jumper so much and you always select the nicest patterns, I wish I could find some like you all find. In the meantime I am happy with the linen.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

  4. Oh, I hadn’t even thought to ask you, but was curious about your new green jumpers especially ~ Thank you! =) My girls will be thankful too!

  5. Thank you for these pattern numbers and advice. I had another Mom teach our oldest daughter how to sew, and now my daughter is teaching me. I had a great time making a jumper as my first “start to finish” project!
    Also – your Mom’s corner this month about Abigail’s schedule was so neat to read. I cannot imagine life without a schedule, especially for the littlest one. He is the same age as Abigail and thrives on knowing what is next. We have used a schedule since I got your book back in 2000, and it still blesses me everyday. Continue your hard work!! You are making a huge difference in people’s lives.

    Stephanie for us all

  6. Thank you for the jumper information–I hadn’t asked, but I always like the jumpers you wear.
    My own mother hated sewing so the only sewing instruction I had received was in a junior high school home economics course. Once I became a mother myself, I really wanted to be able to sew clothing for myself and our children but didn’t remember much from that jr. high class. I asked at JoAnn’s and they suggested an adult education class offered in the evenings at a local high school. That was more than 15 years ago so I’m not sure that such classes are offered anymore, but I know that our JoAnn’s now offers a beginners sewing basics class occasionally.

  7. Greetings Maxwell Ladies,
    I am thinking of another conference project here?
    A day where Dad & guys learn…basic ideas to help them in their growing up years to serve for their homes & a day where the gals learn some basic’s on…the like of home serving, cooking, sewing etc… I think that your family has been so blessed in the “special” way God has enabled you to bring things to others and thus it being a great time of helping some of these Dad’s & Mom’s that have not at all been brought up in this way…therefore making some of this seem so “impossible” for them. No, we are not to be “cookie-cutter” people- however when God does convict…it to some seems overwhelming that “they do not know where to start”! Sad to say so many areas are missing these Dad-Mom brothers & sisters…that are there to help teach. I have learned we are short on the “older ones as in Titus 2” to help…and when we still have young ones it is hard to spend a lot of hours “out-there” teaching…as we are to be “home” so…if we who have a few ideas can pray for God to help our older daughters…may it be they one day will be a help to these others.
    Any way just thinking out loud…just a thought as you are so blessed in the teaching area! God has gifted your family!
    Awaiting word and praying for Melanie & family!
    Lori for All

  8. Thanks for the information. I recently purchased a jumper pattern and material for 3 jumpers.

  9. Thank you ladies! I have been meaning to ask you the pattern numbers, so this is perfect!

  10. thank you so much for this pattern info. I was one of the ones that asked for it and im so glad that i did. Now i can get to sewing. thank you and God Bless your family.

  11. Thank you! This is awesome!

    However, when I tried to access your link to a mom’s corner I got an error message 🙁
    I tried the link, and it worked great. So, maybe it was something with your Internet browser?

  12. Thank you for the info on the patterns. As you mentioned, the Simplicity is no longer being produced and I have been unable to find it. I have been looking for months and will continue the search. Thank you for sharing the other pattern No#. I also use JoAnn’s and just recieved my latest coupons and on my next trip to town will look for the McCalls pattern. I will be teaching my daughter to sew clothes soon and I believe this is a good start. Thanks again. Oh, I am so excited about the new baby! I check almost everyday to see how things are going. I then can update the church. You are always in my prayers. Love Sondra

  13. One suggestion – if you look in an art supply store you may find rolls of tracing paper that will make your pattern copying much easier. I think I have one that’s 25 inches wide and I use it for the same purpose. It’s possible that Joann fabrics carries it.

  14. For those who are looking for patterns. Simplicity patterns has it’s own website. Doing a keyword search for jumper, I’ve found several items that would work. More so for the little ones than older ladies like me…but they are out there. If my girls were still small, I would have been purchasing cute little girl dress patterns this evening.

    Best wishes and prayers for Baby Max!

  15. Your dresses are very nice. I love to sew and have done so for years. I am now an older woman in the Lord (I’ve been a Christian for 30-plus years) and would love to teach others some of what I have learned. Sadly, the opportunity does not seem to exist. I have longed to have younger women draw from my experience. I guess I’m not in the right place at the right time, but few in my neck of the woods seem interested in sewing or such. I have a huge collection of patterns and have learned where to find unusual and interesting ideas for clothing. One thing I do is use the patterns in the “costume” sections of the books, especially the ones that are reproductions of vintage dresses. They are often the most modest and interesting as well. I get lots of compliments as I wear them. They can be adapted for modern usage very easily by toning down the costume-y effects. Keep up the good work of blessing others!

  16. Thank you for this. I’ve often wondered about your patterns. I’ve become so frustrated trying to find modest skirts/dresses that I’m now trying to making my own. I’ve just started, have no idea what I’m doing (although I’m a quilter so I’m getting by), but I’m having fun. I now look forward to trying your jumper patterns! Thank you again for sharing!!

  17. Thank you so much for the information on the jumpers. Reading through your blog I began to wonder if you make jumpers for your neice, Abby, also. If so, do you have the pattern numbers for them?

    My first girl is almost a year old and I’d like to begin sewing her jumpers and dresses. Thank you in advance for your help.

    Kim C.

    My sisters have made Abby a few jumpers. I’ll look for the pattern # and post it later.

  18. Hello, I’m just wondering if you make the jumpers in a bigger size than you normally would wear to accomodate not putting in the zipper? Otherwise it seems it would be hard to get on/off? I too am wondering if there are patterns you could recommend to make jumpers for my daughters toddler and older girls.
    Thanks So Much,
    Amanda S

  19. Like Amanda, I also would be interested to know why you left out the zipper. Is it easy enough to get on and off without it?
    Yes, easy enough without it.

  20. I’ve looked up both of these pattern numbers and find that one is listed for princess dresses (McCall’s)….is that the same pattern, simply the version without sleeves? Thank you.
    Mary says “yes.”

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